August 30, 2012

Access road-let's learn from our mistakes

For a moment let's look at our train station:

  • we build a new train station
  • we build a new garage
  • now we are working on better train service

Now for the airport

  • we build a new terminal

Many people now say we need an access road.   Let's not make the same mistake we made with Union Station.  We do not need an access road right now, we need reliable airlines!!! 

JetBlue2ORH!!!   Have you signed the petition yet?


MSWOMer said...

We need more than one reliable airline. How was Manchester so successful before they got their access road? I think we have done everything we can to convince JetBlue to come and looking at everything so far, it looks incredibly promising. I am dead set they are coming soon, when originally I didn't think we had a prayer for years if ever. Great job all.

Now we need to take this amazing momentum and focus we had on JetBlue and redirect it towards attracting additional airlines to ORH. What other airlines would work well alongside JetBlue without becoming direct competition? Thanks.

Anonymous said...


It's nice to have pretty facilities, and easy access to the pretty facilities, but it's all worthless if there are no planes (or in the case of Union Station, no trains) once you get to aforementioned pretty facilities.

Get the planes to land. Get the airport hopping. Then we can talk about the road. IF we need to talk about the road.

jose said...

virgin america? they flew for direct air when they first came to town, so they have some history here. first lets see if and when the cat 3 system gets built and its date of completion. the access road im sure would be way to costly to the state and probably would never pay for its self.and where will it be? will it branch of I-90? 290? airport is on the wrong side of the city for that

Randy said...

We need an access road so that people from Spencer or Paxton, for example, can get to their jobs in Westborough at average speeds greater than 20 MPH!!!! Benefits to the airport are a side-effect. I wasn't around in the 1930s, but I bet the roads haven't been widened much since!

Bill Randell said...

No saying we dont need an access road off the MassPike on to Route 56.

All i saying is that we do not need an access road to have success at ORH

Signman said...

I would suggest we let the billboard companies put in digital boards so JetBlue can advertise daily along with giving direction. Exit 13 off I 290 through the village go piedmont past Worcester state university left on pleasant st up top of hill...fifteen minutes tops we don't need no stinking access road...we need planes....