August 25, 2012

What Next?

The great news is that there is an announcement coming in October..   For those that are concerned that Dave Barger said he has not planes ready until 2014.  What did you expect him to say?  We have plenty of extra planes laying around doing nothing?? 

It was a great day for ORH last Wednesday..  What do we do next?   Thinking of a couple things but the one I like right away is for MassPort to offer FREE PARKING in 2013.


Nick said...

Why would they announce in October if they don't have planes available until 2014?

MSWOMer said...

I think we have already done all that we can for JetBlue. Barger said he's never seen such a push like this. Direct Air showed that there is a good demand for Florida based flights and Massport is adding to the draw with their incentives. Now JetBlue needs to see if Worcester can handle daily flights (they've never done) and how badly flights out of ORH will affect it's other airports (leakage).

If you want flights to JFK, that's up to the local businesses. Right now Logan and Burlington, VT are the only New England airports with JetBlue flights to JFK. To me that shows JetBlue isn't very interested in New England to JFK. The local businesses need to really make a push and provide numbers to prove that there is a VERY profitable market in Worcester for JetBlue to pull planes out of another area to do ORH to JFK. The only reason Providence has Florida flights now is because JetBlue pulled those planes out of Burlington, VT. They saw that PVD offered a better market to Florida than BTV did, so they shifted. We need to prove Worcester is more profitable than other existing routes.

Overall, I think that JetBlue has made it very clear they are moving into Worcester. Definitely to Florida, I'd be skeptical on JFK flights, though the fact that a major biomedical CEO was one of the very select few in Barger's first meeting in Worcester is certainly interesting. I would love to see JetBlue be a flagship for Worcester, but Nick is right. We need more than just JetBlue at ORH. We need other carriers and we need to find a way for them to compliment each other as opposed to being direct competition (like JetBlue and Southwest are). We should focus our influence on finding those carriers. Numbers speak volumes. Great job on JetBlue, now we need to wait for them and move forward to other carriers. Thanks.

Steve Foley said...

I think Massport installing a Cat III ILS would be better

Sprout said...

I thought it was a decision was going to be made by October, with announcement to follow some time later?

Bill Randell said...


CAT III is already being done. Just trying to come up with another incentive--FREE PARKING. JetBlue will now people will come to ORH and buy tickets with Free parking.

JFK simply is not going to happen up front. We need to get Florida service and emphasize the Latino population in Central Massachusetts.

elmparkblogger said...

I know everyone else will say kind words. And I say this with more honesty that reluctance.

There is part of this ORH effort for JetBlue that reminds me of those trainwrecks that are on the first two weeks of "American Idol": desperate, delusional rubes not ready for primetime.

I wonder if the JetBlue CEO came to Worcester just to pacify us.

Why ORH when they have Boston and Providence so close?

Why ORH where the transportation to and from the airport is inadequate for today's needs?

Why ORH whose "annual fogginess quotient" (and thus, usability) greatly surpasses any other major New England airport?

I regretfully state here that I am going to have to pass on the purple Kool Aid.


jose said...

jetblue announced a few weeks they are ending its daily flights to jfk out of burlington. i think a florida route to start off, then move to san juan/caribbean. jetblue does want to expand in the caribbean and south america, and san juan is a focus city for jetblue. i have no doubt that whatever route/s jetblue might announce will be succesful. im sure there are other airlines that is keeping tabs on whats going on.

Bill Randell said...


You are 100% correct..


Nick said...


JetBlue cut BTV-Orlando, not BTV-JFK. This gives BTV a similar operation to Portland, ME in terms of JetBlue destinations. I think that ORH could easily conceive 2-3 daily flights to JFK, likely with their 100 seat Embraer 190. But they could also break the mold of BTV and PWM by having two other destinations of Orlando AND Ft Lauderdale (FLL more likely than PBI).

MSWOMer said...

Jose, when did JetBlue announce they were pulling their JFK flights out of Burlington?

Last I heard they were pulling their 3 daily Florida flights out of Burlington but leaving their daily JFK flights. Shortly after that they announced that they were starting 3 daily Florida flights out of Providence.

If they recently announced that they are dropping Burlington's JFK flights (i.e. completely pulling out), then that means they are moving the planes somewhere else. I'm not saying that they will remain JFK flights, but it is certainly interesting. Thanks.

jose said...

nick, you are right, it was the bvt-orlando route they cut. sorry. my mistake.