August 06, 2012

Advantage Message Board

Have a new message up about contest and Nick's picture of Barger for JetBlue Day


Steve Foley said...

What is an Advantage Message Board?

Jahn said...

Here's a quote from a July Womag story that is a puff piece touting Lt. Murrays accomplishments:

"The state will spend an additional $25 million for bridge work and track repairs, and will double the amount of daily commuter trains between Worcester and Boston to more than 20."

The qoute is from the story and is not a direct quote from Murray.

Sooooo....meanwhile back at the station, a T&G piece last week says we'll go from 13 trains to 20 trains, hardly a doubling and this will be accomplished over a number of years with 2 more trains planned to be added this year. Translation: MBTA will wait to see if the demand is there for these planned total of 7 add'l trains.

I do applaud the possibilty of an express train to boston w/ only one stop in Framingham, however I also question the demand for 7 more trains in and outta Worcester.

Todays news reports the MBTA only had 2 bids to run the commuter rail system and again reading between the lines, it seems the MBTA expected more bids?

As always with gubmint, patience is a virtue

Jahn said...

IN re -reading my post above, what I meant to say was that a doubling of 13 trains THIS YEAR would be 26 trains, yet now only 20 trains are now planned and only 2 of the add'l 7 trains will be added thsi year.

Sorry, but I get a sense of some back tracking here or someone is giving Worc a doubling not of trains, but of bovine fecal matter.