August 10, 2012

20 error messages

We all know what this means

Will from Wonderland is directing to people to red his blog


Claude P. Dorman & Kunigunde Cigan Dorman - Worcester Wonderland said...

I just wish someone would talk to more comments from Mr. Bean aka Kushy or Zed.....Paulie's mad at me......Harry took all my jokes won't even look at me Bill and Rosalie has the Hells Angels on my bum.....I want to re-join the human race.

elmparkblogger said...


a) That "wonderland" would even CONSIDER redirecting blogs underscores his lack of comprehension about how the true bloggers of Worcester feel about Worcester (very pro) and spotlights his meanspirited nature. Either get with the program, get out or I will personally show you the way out, Will.

b) I loved the article's quote regarding the dearth of Republicans in Worcester. Because Bill Randell sets an example of a lot of misinformed folks (bloggers and certain "print" media", ahem, you know who you are, ahem) that most most mainstream Republicans are pretty much "Main Street" kind of people: small businessmen and women who decry the lack of financial responsibility in our governments. Elsewhere in the paper the article about "hate music" and race superiority reminded me of how Republicanism is looked at this state by certain groups. That's no exaggeration, folks. Except here they just wear a different kind of white hood, a sort of disguised moral superiority.

(PS--send your anonymous, nasty threats to me on Facebook or to my email if you don't like what I said)

elm park blogger aka Jim may aka