August 16, 2012

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Deadline:   August 19th Sunday mdnight
Time now:  August 17th  12:21 AM

Contest Video;  Not eligible for top 5 or cash

JetBlue Video          (JetBlue response to the contest)  Not eligible for top 5 ranking or cash, since they are the object of contest and I am trying to get them to judge the contest.  JetBlue, thanks for the entry, it has spurred much of the interest!  As of August 17th, over 4,000 views!!  In my opinion the best video to date, but since I am not a judge who cares what I think.   

City of Worcester JetBlue Public Service Announcement   Shows the commitment the City of Worcester has to attracting JetBlue to ORH.  Sorry not eligible for top 5 or cash.  Great job!

Mayor & City Manager          (their version of Dave Barger's Commercial below) 

CEO of JetBlue--Dave Barger    (actual commercial) Inspiration for the Mayor and City Manager.  Shows how dedicated CEO's will do anything to benefit their companies!!    Obviously not eligible for top 5 or cash.

SIDE NOTE:   I have to give credit to Dave Barger (CEO of JetBlue),  Mike O'Brien (City Mgr) and Joe Petty (Mayor)  for doing these videos.


AM Curtis

ORH Thrifty

Contonio 2

Matt Ward


Dennis O'Connor

Chandler Crew 2


Dave Carson


William Feraco


Julie Kozlowski

Jon Rice

Emily LaCroix

Wagon Tours

SL McGhee

Robert Branca
WooFather  Version 2

Samira Son entry

JetBlue to Big Woo

Rainbow Child Development

George Pollock 


Ode to Dave Barger   eligible top 5 but no cash

Wizard Of Oz 

Jean Sauer 

Steele Sturgis

Tdardas video

James Contonio


Commercial       Vertere

Commercial         LoveLord Productions

Commercial          Bulgere



Chandler Business

Helen   eligible top 5 but no cash 

Advantage  eligible top 5 but no cash

Worcester Fitness

Steve Foley

Star Trek

Commercial    Valcourt

Commercial      Melemed

Commercial      Lucid


MSWOMer said...

I am rather impressed with the number of people posting videos in the past week or so. I love it and it gives me an idea. If I recall, one of the perks MassPort is offering airlines that move into Worcester is sharing in advertising.

If JetBlue comes to Worcester, what if MassPort used local residents for commercials. Worcester locals encouraging other locals to fly JetBlue out of Worcester. I bet you could find a lot of people willing to volunteer and do it for fun/to be on tv. Worst case, make another contest out of it.

It would be relatively low cost, would let a lot of people have a lot of fun, and a great advertising theme. What do you guys think? Thanks.

Anonymous said...

How can yours, your daughter's, and your mother in law automatically be in top 5? Now that's unfair!

Anonymous said...

Here is an entry
Jet Blue: Worcester Means Business

Robert Branca

Bill Randell said...


They are not automatically in the top 5? Told my daughter that she could do a video but she would not be eligble for cash prize..

I am saying that whoever judges it that videos that I have anything to do with can only be eligible for top 5 not cash.

Is that fairer for you>?


Anonymous said...

Take 2- a shorter version of The Woofather.

Jet Blue: Come to Worcester, or else....

Michael Cohen said...

don't forget the jet blues:

(not eligible for prize)

Michael Cohen said...

Don't forget this one:

Jet Blues (not eligible for prize)

Anonymous said...

Videos were great. Good idea Bill. I love JetBlue but we need to seek another carrier to come in before 2014. Massport needs to get Allegiant to come back. It would be a mistake to wait for one year for a possible announcement. I hope we are not putting all our eggs in one basket

Nick said...

I agree, JetBlue is a great start, but ORH still needs hub service on airlines like Delta and United.