August 07, 2012

One minute videos

Getting lots of e-mails from people working on videos.  Some of them are really funny and I think everyone will be surprised to see some of the people who are working on them.

Businesses, as I have said many time here and on Twitter, should use this one minute video as not only an appeal to JetBlue but advertise their own business?   Free one minute video that alot of people will see... 

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Jahn said...

SO todays T&G reports the city has lost this case against the EPA and will be forced to spend $180M on the Blackstone Sewerage plant.

To steal aphrase from Bill, "is anyone else" getting fed up with Washington DC and their unfunded mandates. Well I am ! I am also getting tired of Jim McGovern being a no show on this issue. Water/ sewer rates will sky rocket!

The T&G also reported today that a former Worc politician will be taking over a marketing job for the city of worc in conjunction with the C of C. ( if I understood it correctly). This politician evidently has been downsized to 20 hours a week in his current private sector marketing job and evidently will be leaving that job completely at some point?

I though Mike O'bie was looking to pull together all of Worc's marketling efforts under one roof AND one person and now he goes to the bullpen for what would appears to me to be a political appointment?

Mr Obrien, this is why Worc's marketing efforts have failed in the past. We need a comprehensive game plan first and then u need the entire marketing dept under one roof with a marketing VP type heading it and then you can fill the positions. This appointment is putting the cart before the horse. Either that or Mike has tossed aside the idea of a single Worc Marketing dept?