August 12, 2012

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Jahn said...

Three bloggers comment on Worc Airport from 9 years ago. Some things never change or maybe they do ?

1. Dec, 2003 An other problem is that runway expansion is not being allowed because one of the towns has its high school about 5-6 miles away, right inline with one of the runways. They are no so much concerned with noise as they are with crashes. If the this runway was expanded it would go into this town, and they are not giving up the land. And lastly MASSPORT, the managers of BOS and ORH, are desperately trying to get ORH off their hands. They took over a few years back with high hopes, but it has been nothing but a failure.

So to review this is all that needs to happen, an access road from the highways to ORH, going right through hundred year old neighborhoods. A runway expanded. All fog to go away. And PVD, BOS..Etc, to loose about half their capacity. If this happens then ORH will thrive, I don't' know about you, but I'm not holding my breath

2. DEc, 2003 It would be great to see WN give ORH a shot, I highly doubt it though. jetBLUE was given a chance to fly to ORH after first being denied at BOS, but was turned it down. Now the only thing I see flying over on approach into ORH are cessna's and the occasional citation or hawker

3. Dec, 2003 What did ORH in were the NIMBY's in Worcester, who 'decided' that an access road to the airport was not a good thing. After spending money to build a very attractive terminal, all of that was wasted because access road legislation failed. A comparison might be a company that spends a ton on R&D for a new product, and then doesn't go out and promote it. The 'build it and they will come' philosophy might have worked well up here at MHT, but the mistake Worcester folks made was thinking that the same sort of scenario would play itself out there. It didn't...and won't