June 16, 2007

Bob Nemeth

We are due for a Sunday Editorial from ex-Chairman and current Airport Commissioner Nemeth on ORH.


Anonymous said...

Drove by the airport today and noticed the road construction is moving along also the large water tank by the control tower was repainted. I think it was green before and now it is tan.

Anonymous said...

Re: Mr Robert Nemeth's Sunday column about this rent susidized FDR Musuem that was booted from Union Station when their lease ran out, I quote Mr Nemeth:

"None of the other 45 cultural institutions in Worcester and its environs enjoys municipal subsidies."


Did the City (its taxpayers in reality) not give the Hanover Theatre a $2,000,000 Community Development Block Grant...AND...also waive $200,000 in permit fees...thus the theatre's new name... The Hand It Over Theatre?

I think these qualify as subsidies? $2,200,000 buys a lot of cops and teachers.

Additionally, the City collects no property taxes from any of these cultural instituions. This aint a subsidy?

I call on the T&G to write a retraction of what IMO are clearly erroneous statements.

BTW, I do agree with the T&G's (Mr Nemeth's?) other opinions re: this FDR Museum. Let the museum take their toys outta the sand box and go home pouting & whining.

IMO, open up the museum wherever FDR was born or in Washington, not here

Bill Randell said...

this last comment sure looks like Jahn to me. When you think of it, is not the airport been subsidized the past 8 years by MassPort?

Anonymous said...

I was going to make that comment, but didn't because the airport isnt a cultural institution and I wanted to keep Mr Nobert Remeth's analogy on exactly on point.

Your analogy does drive home almost the exact same point (kudos), however you only got to 2nd base. You forgot to mention that the subsidy was needed, at least in part due to the airport commissions inability to get anything constructive done at ORH (absent the occassional movie shoot)....which commission was chaired by by Mr Nemeth

Let's see if they publish the correction/retraction after Mr Nemeth reads todays blogs

Bill Randell said...

positve energy/Janh:

Can you not focus on all the positives up at ORH??


Anonymous said...

OK, let us as a group list the positives at ORH. I'll try to get us off to a start.

El Cheapo parking (free?)

No wait check in.

Relatively easy access for Central Mass air travelers.

Some one else pick it up from here, please and I alrready know what some negative cynic is going to post here.