July 14, 2007

Air Taxi Service

How does air taxi service like Linear Air work? Here is an example:

Client: ABC
Need: Frequent travel for teams between their office in Cambridge, MA and their parent company in NJ

What they were doing: Flying Continental from Boston to Newark, using car service for 40+ minute drive to corporate HQ in NJ. Paying $600 pp walk up rate on Continental shuttle

What they now do: Fly Linear Air from Bedford to Morristown and have a 10 minute cab ride to corporate HQ in NJ. They pay $3,400 roundtrip for the aircraft and take 6 or more pax for a pp price of $567.


  • Cost savings in airfare
  • Cost savings in car service
  • Cost savings in parking and tolls
  • Time savings in getting to and thru both airports
  • Time savings in bracketing the air travel tightly around their work schedule, not around an airline schedule
  • Vastly improved level of service with valet parking, pilots treating them as honored guests, unlimited free standard catering on the flights, and access to a flying conference room to work during travel.
  • Streamlined billing, a single transaction for all pax.
  • Stress free, quick, convenient and real dollar savings before the soft cost savings are even considered.


Anonymous said...

Would Elaine Nardo be the flight attendant?

Yeeeeee Hawwwwwwwwwww!!!!

In all seriousness, good presentation, Bill...

Harry Tembenis
Worcester, MA

Bill Randell said...

For all you not familiar with Taxi. That is a funny comment by Harry. Tried to explain to a friend of mine the other day, how the air taxi works and I did a half-a-- job.

Downloaded the example direct from Linear, removing the client name. As the airline industry becomes more discount w/o 1st class, I believe ailrines like Linear when all the VLJ's get on-line will be the 1st option for the business-class and well to do.


Anonymous said...

When Textron (the parent company of Cessna) sold Paul Revere Insurance to UnumProvident, they gave them the use of 2 Citation jets for the transition. There was frequent travel between Worcester and Chatanooga, TN. The employees would leave Downtown Worcester at 9:30, arrive at the Worcester Airport at 9:55, get on board, and leave at 10:00. They would arrive in Chatanooga aroung 1:00pm, and be at the office by 1:30pm.

Air Taxi is the future of corporate travel. It does not require a Part 139 certified airport. Netjets and Sentient Jet both operate as charters. Expect increases when more VLJs become available.

- CF

Anonymous said...

I stumbled across an article in the Cape Cod Times this past weekend that I wnated to post here but i was internet-less at the time. Tried to find it this morning and I could not, however I did find a similar article by searchng out TF Green.

Maybe this was already noted on here in the past so forgive me If I am repeating old news.

I find it hard to fathom that people would travel via bus to and from CC to TF Green, but evidently it is happening. I can tell you it is almost 1 1/2 hrs from hyannis to Prov. and that is at 75 mph in car, not a bus....so it has to be 1 3/4 hrs from Hyannis to Green.....and I think its the bus company that s owned by the Picknelly family of Spfld who also just built the hotel in Worc???


Anonymous said...

from craigslist

The only reason that the Worcester Airport costs so much to keep open is because they've kept all the staff they had back in 2001 when USAirways was there.

The Spencer Airport and Sterling Airports are both turning profits. Worcester has more traffic, and more business. It's just that the city council keep pretending it's a mini Logan.

If they ran it using the same budget that Fitchburg does, it would cost the taxpayers $250,000 a year.

If they turn it over to Massport, it will still cost the city of Worcester almost $1,000,000 a year.

- Charley Farley

Anonymous said...

"Anonymous said...
from craigslist"

If I wanted that posted here, I would have posted it myself.

- CF