July 02, 2007


Another story from the Republican:

Chicopee's Westover Metropolitan Airport has received word that it will be able to roll out the equivalent of a $1.85 million welcome map to greet new discount-fare startup Skybus Airlines.
The grant money is good news for Skybus, which is planning its inaugural non-stop flight to Columbus, Ohio, on July 16. Skybus will also offer daily nonstop service between Columbus and San Diego, Calif., the St. Augustine, Jacksonville and Daytona Beach, Fla. area through St. Augustine Airport and a second daily nonstop flight to Fort Lauderdale. "It's very timely for us," said Allan W. Blair, president of Westover Metropolitan Development Corp

The grant money will be used to pay for utilities improvements, increased capacity for hangar upgrades, the reconstruction of Hangar Drive, finishing upgrades to Industrial Park Road and nearly doubling airport parking spaces. Airport improvements are expected to create hundreds of new jobs. With the first-class improvements, Westover Metropolitan Airport could be just the ticket for regional economic growth.


Anonymous said...

Bill, did you read that Cirrus has announced their entry into the Very Light Jet arena?


- CF

Anonymous said...

Just a thought. Are the any types of grants the airport could apply for to repay the debt service if it's decided not to stay a commercial airport and just be a general aviation airport. I would think a private investor would be more interested in the facility if it were strictly general aviation.

Anonymous said...

A tip of the hat to Mr Moscoffian, the moving force behind the Summer Nationals, for again putting Worcester on the map for the 18th(?) consecutive 4th July weeekend.

If you're into hot rods or not, you have to realize that most non- resort cities would be salivating if their hotels and eateries were full on 4th of July weekend.

It's amazing the things that private enterprise can accomplish.