July 21, 2007


How many ounces in a GIQ?

Kay's Wine & Spirits, Pawtucket, RI. September 30, 1948 copied from Gansett web site


Anonymous said...

Good 'ol 'Gansett!!!! The true inspiration for "Pawtuckett Patriot" on the Family Guy TV Series, not Sam Adams!

Harry Tembenis
Worcester, MA


Anonymous said...

Genessee was worst rot gut beer. Gansett was bad but not as bad as genssee. I think it may have been brewed in upstate New yrok.

My army buddy used to get it on the military base at the cape for 2.85 per case back in the day. We used it to rev up for 5:00 pm happy hour.

Anonymous said...

It's actually Grand Imperial Quart and it's 38.4 oz. Used to keep me warm at Logan (field that is) and Newton Hill

From whatdoesthatmean.com


Term for the British measurement of a Quart. Grand Imperial Quart (Larger than a American Quart which is 32 ounces, a GIQ is 38.4 ounces)

"Go down to the Packy and get me a GIQ of PBR!" (Translation: "Go down to the liquor store and get me a 40 ounce Pabst Blue Ribbon Beer!")

The heavily populated Irish neighborhoods of the Boston area, lend to the fact that anything larger than the American Quart (but under a half gallon) was refered to as an Imperial Quart, or the archaic Grand Imperial Quart.

Now known as a 40 (Four Oh.) (Gansta Slang!)

Anonymous said...

I got Four Ohhhs at Quinisigamond Community College. All 7 semesters.

Anonymous said...

A true GIQ (Giant Imperial Quart) is 40 US ounces and that's how they were sold in the sixties. British Quarts have more ounces (40) than US Quarts (32) but US ounces are larger than British ounces, so here's how it goes:
Quart = 32 US ounces
Imperial Quart = 40 Brit or 38.4 US
Giant Imperial Quart = 40 US ounces

The 38.4's are a scam and they are NOT the true GIQ's of our fathers!