July 30, 2007

Spirit Airlines

Spirit Airlines(R) Invites Cities to Declare Independence from High Fares
FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla.-(Business Wire)-July 27, 2007 - Spirit Airlines is inviting cities to declare their independence from high fares and today announces a process whereby cities may submit proposals to Spirit in order to be selected for new air service and be part of Spirit's largest expansion to-date. The carrier will select up to 10 new routes from South Florida and will add up to three new international gateway cities. The selected cities will be added to Spirit's network in 2008, with all services initiated by summer, providing immediate economic benefit to the cities through lower fares, on-time new planes, and friendly service.

"Even though we are the largest and most successful Ultra Low Cost Carrier serving the Caribbean and Latin America from Fort Lauderdale, my phone still rings constantly from people asking us to save their city from high fares," said Barry Biffle, Chief Marketing Officer. "This next wave of expansion will be the largest in our history and will allow us the opportunity to free as many communities as possible from the shackles of high fares."
Spirit Airlines will accept proposals until Friday, August 10, 2007. Only complete proposals will be accepted. For proposal details please visit www.adioshighfares.com. Details on the web site also are available in Spanish and Portuguese.

About Spirit Airlines
Spirit Airlines, Inc. is the largest Ultra Low Cost Carrier in the United States, Latin America and The Caribbean. Its all-Airbus fleet, the youngest in the Americas, flies more than 185 daily flights to 35 destinations. The company is based in Miramar, Florida, and employs 2,300.


Anonymous said...

Great find Bill

Anonymous said...

I wonder what the response would be from Spirts marketing VP if someone called them asked if they have spoken to ORH.

I got $100 that says ORH has never contacted them?

Which brings me another issue I have wioth Worcs marketing efforts............how many organizations in the city are out there promtoing us.........and what results have we obtained ..is anyone keeping score..........or as bill says ( Cooppage Dr back taxes).............whose counting?

I'd like to see DEFINITVE RESULTS that are brought in by all these these people promoting worc..........and iof they do allegeledly bring in new bizz....how do we know the bizz wouldnt have located here anyway....w/o their efforts.....and what about efforts to stop bizz from leaving Worc?

We do fantastic at bringing in more & more low income housing......if we had one new flight every week for each low income housing unit built in worc in the last 15 years...........well the sky over Worc would look like the sky ovre Quincy.................2 & 3 planes always qu'ed up to land.

Bill Randell said...


This was sent to me by the Youngtown Blog. My only concern is that Spirit flies out of Logan, but it is still worth a shot.


Bill Randell said...


You have no idea how much money the City of Worcester has given in the form of grants (Home Funds) to first time home buyers known as soft seconds. The problem with these mortgages are that they do not have to be repaid during the affordability period as long as a low-mod income person owns the property.

Lets give the example where the City of Worcester provided $25,000 in the form of soft second. Now the two years later the low-mod income owner defaults on the 1st mortgage and the property is taken back by the bank or someone who is not low-mod income. Guess what happens?? The City of Worcester has to pay back the $25,000.


Anonymous said...

so worcester is in the low income loan business. How long has this gone for and Are these subprime loans?

Bill Randell said...

Subprime Loan Business:

Worcester has alot of HOME funds in the form of soft seconds through the Home Center and the various CDC's around the City of Worcester. As home prices go up, Worcester is fine.

As home prices drop and foreclosures kick in and if low-mod income people do not buy the dwelling during the "affordability period", Worcester has to pay the monies back.

Yes, in essence Worcester is most definately in the sub prime mortgage business.


Anonymous said...

what is a cdc. what is a soft second?

ThrM said...

CDC: Community Development Corporation

Soft second: The Soft Second Loan Program is a joint initiative of the public and private sectors to increase affordable housing opportunities for low- and moderate-income home buyers. It combines a conventional first mortgage with a subsidized second mortgage to help low- and moderate-income households to qualify for a mortgage and purchase a home for the first time.

Anonymous said...

who lends the money the city or a mortgage company

Bill Randell said...

The City, through Home funds, give the money out in the form of mortgage that the home-owner does not have to pay back thus the term soft second.

There is, however, an affordability period (10 to 15 years) where there is a low-mod income requirement. My point is that alot of these "soft" seconds sit behind large "hard" firsts that may be going into foreclosure. If the new home-owner is not low-mod the "soft" second needs to be repaid by the City of Worcester.

Anonymous said...

This is monetized insanity. With this "scheme", the taxpayers of Worc are by default subprime lendersand/or guarantors If the subsidized home owner gets in financial trouble teh City taxpayers end up eating this.

City seems to be becoming more & more a guarantor of others debts. If the cops get stiffed by a contractor for so called detail pay, the taxpayers end up paying the tab. Another assinine guarnatee. WTH dreams this crap up?
What's next a contractor takes off with my deposit and I ask the city to make me whole. Phat chance of that happening.

You think fiscal '08 is tough........wait till fiscal '09