July 27, 2007

Land RFP

I have e-mailed our airport liaison, Phil Niddrie, to see if he can reveal the name of the one entity who bid on the most recent Land RFP from the Spring? Stay tuned.

Here is the response via e-mail this morning from Airport Liaison Niddrie:

"As of this time, we cannot."


Anonymous said...

Can knot or will knot??

Bill Randell said...

Is there a difference. Truth is if they can not reveal the name of the bidder until they had a chance to review, get more information and decide. Fine.

My question is how can it possibly take three months to not make a decision?

Anonymous said...

Bill, the apple doesnt fall from the tree. It takes the council how many months to vote an '08 budget? 3 months and counting?? Likewise to set the tax rate.

Who is deciding, Massport or City?

I cannot see this settled until ORH future is setteld and frankly, July 1, 2008 wouldnt surprise me.

Bill Randell said...


I agree... 20 Year Master Plan takes 20 Years to prepare. A simple RFP for a parcel of land needs to be done twice and now three months later we can not get the name of the one bidder? Bottom line, nobody cares but us until we all get our tax bills and wonder why it is soo high.