July 10, 2007

Linear Lands First VLJ

This is huge for Linear, from the Boston Globe:

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Linear Air lands new "very light jet."

Linear Air, a Concord-based air taxi service, said today it has taken delivery of its first Eclipse 500, a so-called "very light jet" that's designed to reduce the costs of personal air travel.

Linear Air said that the Eclipse 500 will be ferried later this week to Hanscom Field in Bedford, where it will soon enter into service.

According to Linear Air, the Eclipse 500 cruises at more than 400 miles per hour, seats three or four passengers with two pilots, and has a range of more than 1,000 miles.

Linear Air said it has ordered 30 Eclipse 500 jets, which are scheduled for delivery over the next two years.

The Eclipse 500 is manufactured by Eclipse Aviation Corp. of New Mexico.
(By Chris Reidy, Globe staff)

Posted by Boston Globe Business Team at 07:58 AM

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Anonymous said...

Budget extented beyond Jun 30 until after municipal elections.....6 months??

Massport tentative takeover extendded 6 months.

Charter cable re-up extended 6 months.

Is the managers time being consumed by financial brush fires or is the council afraid of what the electorate might do to them if any of these issues are settled b4 the Nov elections?

S/b no problem to duck things till after Labor day, what with everyone on the Cape Cod Riviera or at Happy Hampton.