April 01, 2008

Dick Cherniskey Qtrly Letter to the Editor

Community Healthlink is dumping another social service program in Worcester called Home Again at 62 Elm St. This program incorporates the “Housing First” concept for junkies and prostitutes. This is bad news. We need to upgrade Elm Street, not downgrade it.

A Christian clergyman supporting Home Again said that Worcester is called by God to help the poor. True, but God doesn’t call us to destroy Worcester with too many poverty programs. In fact, the Lord Jesus would never support the task force’s plan to end homelessness because of the injustice of the plan. The plan places all the burden on Worcester, and allows surrounding towns to snob-zone against the poor.

Remember, CitySquare, Gateway Park and the Hanover Theatre will become meaningless if we lose our neighborhoods to poverty. Worcester already has too many poor and an insufficient high-income population. If we continue letting towns like Southboro take in the high-income people, while Worcester takes in all the welfare people from the Third World, Worcester will become the junkyard of the metropolitan area.

Also, city employees should support homeowners in their fight to save their neighborhoods from being dumped on, because dumping will drive out the people who finance the city and pay for union contracts. The unions should remember that it’s the homeowners, not the nonprofits, who pay the salaries of the union membership, and that service providers like Healthlink helped to destroy the city of Springfield, costing many police and firefighters their jobs


Anonymous said...

I don't get it. How do you stop Southboro from taking in all the high income people?

Let's just outlaw homelessness, or round up the homeless people and put them on a boat.

Anonymous said...

We are rounding them up and putting them on a boat to Elm St...and probably to Tatnuck, Pleasant St, Burncoat St, Montvale Ave, Whisper Dr, etc.

I have to agree with Mr Cherniskys agenda...........4x a year (the T&G limit??) he gets some ink & a wink and a nod from RZN

You stop S'boro from taking in high income people by building lotsa low income housing there............what you cannot do directly (stop high people from settleing in S'boro) you do indirectly by bringing in low income & homeless types and ....and then you just sit back and watch the re action of high income types as vote with their feet.

This is known in Urban Geography/Sociology as

"The Worcester Model"......or change the "d" to a "t' and you have

"The Worcester Motel"

Anonymous said...

"You stop S'boro from taking in high income people by building lotsa low income housing there"

Great concept!

Have the City of Worcester build a low-income project in Southboro.

Maybe the PIP NIMBYs should buy a house on the West Side and donate it to SMOC.

Oh yeah - you can add Kevin's Auto Repair on Cambridge Street to the Worcester Movers and Shakers. He moved to Shrewsbury.

Anonymous said...

Folks, as far as i am concerned this blue ribbon committee set up to study the PIP situation has failed miserably.

What have they accomplished...........break the PIP up into littel pieces and scatter it through out the city?? Are they advocating that rather than the PIP take in the drunks & druggies, we should instead let them reside in our nice, established 'hoods w/o any treatment at all? If so that's worse than what we have now in terms of 1/2 way houses.........b/c at least the 1/2way houses now require these folks to be clean & sober before they're allowed into a transitional 1/2 way house. Is my understanding correct ??

Maybe it's time we suggest that all sellers of their single family homes place a restriction on their deed that allows the premises to be used as only a single family home.....rather then as a lodging/flop/group home for the so called unfortunate.