September 12, 2010

JetBlue to Turks

Note press release below!!   JetBlue to Turks & Cacois.   Lets try to get one of these Boston departures out of ORH???

 JetBlue Airways Corp. said Wednesday that it will begin offering service from New York and Boston to the Turks & Caicos Islands in the Caribbean in February.   On Feb. 17, it will begin flying daily to Providenciales, the most populous of the islands, from John F. Kennedy International Airport in New York.
On Feb. 19, it will begin weekly Saturday flights from Boston Logan International to Providenciales. That service will end in April and run in following years only in peak tourist season — November to April.
JetBlue expects to start selling tickets for the new Turks & Caicos service in October.


Anonymous said...

I would settle for JetBlue Service from ORH to New York/JFK or New York/Chicago O'Hare first...

Harry T

Bill Randell said...

Harry T:

Could not agree more and that has been the game plan since day 1. My only thought was here is a new service to Turks, a leisure destination.

It may be easier to try and get one Turks flight out of ORH? If it did well then JFK, here we some.


Anonymous said...

True, true...

Harry T

Anonymous said...

Don't know how international flights would work in Worcester. How would customs and immigrations be organized? They don't have enough space for that.

I would be looking at U.S. Airways Express to Philly (again) and Delta Connection to JFK.

It would be nice if Direct Air got bought by Allegiant too.

David Z. said...

At this point, I would settle for better signage to Worcester Airport. I drove to the airport the other day from Main Street on Goddard Memorial Drive expecting to see brand new signage. Instead it is the same little sign showing an airplane to take the left turn onto Airport Drive. Massport has owned the airport now since July 1st. At the very least, I would have expected by now to see a large sign at the corner of Airport Drive & Goddard Memorial Drive announcing Worcester Regional Airport owned & operated by Massport. If I was using the airport for the first time I would still be hard pressed to see the left turn to the airport.

tim macdonald said...

Philly and JFK would be great, you could go any where in the country/world from ORH. I think Direct Air has done fine without being bought by another airline. Allegiant might drop service agian here if they took over??

David Z. said...

Off topic, an article in Today's Boston Globe about question 2 on the ballot (repealing 40B).

I'm surprised by this poll finding noted in the article:

"According to a State House News Service poll released last week, their efforts appear to be working. The survey of 400 voters found that 56 percent plan to vote against the repeal, with 36 percent in favor of it, and 10 percent undecided."

Here is a link to the article -

Jahn said...

David, sometimes GMTA :) I too mentioned in the last week or so that not much has happened since Massport took over. Even giving them the possible benefit of the doubt that July & Aug are slow summer vacation times, I still would have assumed that b/c MP has known for some time now that they were taking over.......that Come july 1st alot would have started happening up there.

Signage is a good point I did not think of, but I was thinking more in terms of some initiative to open a restaurant up there, the much hyped name change to Boston Worc Metro airport (was that citry council or MP idea?, maybe free parking at least for Massport honeymoon up there, more destination flights and /or connector flights (i.e. Bills idea re: JetBlew), and otehr ideas that escape me at the moment.

We need one of those City Sq type scenic backdrops at the end of the approach runway showing 727's lined up in the sky miles away, circling the airport, awaiting control tower landing instructions :). Surprised that I am thinking positive...???

David Z. said...

Thinking positive!!! Way to go Jahn! I'm finally rubbing off on you! :)