September 02, 2010

A Tale of Two Cities

Brought to you by Harry T as written in the Boston Herald. 


Category 2 Jahn said...

Question for those of you who frequent downtown Moore than I do. I only have an ocassional visit to city hall or the lyeberry. Do we still have any vendor pushcarts in downtown? If so, any idea how many?

The ordinance enacted 2 years ago that essentially bans pushcarts was a classic kneejerk reaction by the city council to the El Deliscico issue.

I have aLWAYs THOUGHT THAT IF THE PUSHCART VENDORS WERE MORE ORGANIZED they could fight this thing and win. Problem is they are very small time, maybe even part time/seasonal businesses that cannot afford even $175 per hour for a recent law school graduate. Might be a great cause for an unemployed, newly minted barrister to take on pro bono or maybe even a soon to unemployed Lt. Governator (I hope!).

And speaking of the food service business, a Boston pizza delivery guy was robbed and killed Wednesday night in Baaaawstin. I am telling you folks that the truly dangerous jobs get very little ink, whilst the posers engage in their ritual histrionics trying to impress the great unwashed masses with how allegedly dangerous their occupations are.

Food delivery dudes are not too far behind commercial fishermen, timber harvesters, truckers, and construction in being one of the most dangerous occupations. This is a statistical fact.

Jahn said...

So I have been watching this bus drivers contract situation of late.

My gut tells me CM OBrien may really lay down the law on this one. Stay tuned. Jimmy Mac. may also get involved with more bucks from DC to keep the bus company afloat and the drivers flush with more cash.

I predict both Jimmy Mac & Barack Obrien will both work to undermine CM Obrien's handling of this union bargaining. I know that it's really the WRTA that is heavily involved in the bargaining, but lotsa WRTA funding comes the Worc city budget.

What extent will the CM go to if the buses stop rolling?