October 12, 2011

Ed Warneck answer to question below


With Sanford being in close proximity to Orlando and also Lakeland ,our newest destination situated within same distance on the opposite side of Orlando, I can see someone jumping to a conclusion and starting a rumor like this. However, I can assure you, at this time there are no plans to discontinue our service between Sanford and Worcester. Will that always be the case? Who can say... many moving parts (sales, cost factors, service, etc)

I appreciate your interest to get the facts ... please feel free to call or email me with any comments or questions regarding our service. Regards,

Ed Warneck


Anonymous said...

So no plans to discontinue flights yet.... but it's definitely on the table for consideration.

Bill Randell said...

I am not sticking up for Ed, but I think right now everything is on the table for all airlines.

Again want to thank Ed for answering my questions.

Jahn said...

I applaud the guy for at least answering. Certainly More transparency than how TIFs are handed out in Worcester

I agree w/Anon and Bill that we have to read between the lines.

But folks, maybe we lose Sanford and gain Lakeland? A wash...kind of like UNUM just jumping from the west side of Main St to the east ?

How far is Sanford from Orlando and how far is Lakeland from Orlando?

How are the load factors on the 2 weekly flights from Worc to Sanford, esp. the warm weather load factors?

Jahn said...

Why does the T&G today have a front page piece re the demographics of teh school system, specifically the %'age of students from low income households vs. middle income households. Since when is this news in Worc and since when is it front page news? I mean teh T&G publishes Mr Richard C's letters to the editor 4 to 5x per year re Worc's continued demographic slide into low income oblivion.

The Nelson Place school collapsing brick facade problem goes back to at least 2005 and they still let kids walk under the protective scaffolding. And a few years ago I get a sherfifs notice b/c one end of the gutter is hanging from a corner of my house. I mean WTF !!!!!!!! No way in hell would a private property owner be allowed a 6 yr. "grace period" to repair falling bricks....esp. at a dam elementary school site. You think a charter school would get this kinda leeway No way in hell! You think Worc Academy would wait 6+ years to address a similar problem. Once again I am fed up with the do as I say not as I do attitude of gov't.

And the poor folks out Hicksfield and Dis-Sturbedbridge cant get their doublewides and cowsheds rebuilt b/c of gubmint permitting red tape. Given the enemic construction industry of late, there have to be ooodles of civil engineers outta work. Cant they hire some temporary add'l help/consultants to expedite the permitting and inspection processes. This situation is awful.

And speaking of hiring consultants......to carryout work that our city assessing dept s/b doing..........how many city employed assessors will be laid off as a result? Probably none?

And speaking of T&G front page pics, didnt I on Twosday see Tue men in a tractor backhoe bucket (i think thats what it was?)out in Slothbridge erecting a Christmas tree? I wonder how long before OSHA, the Dept of Labor, and Workmens comp folks cite the owner of the tractor backhoe for violations? Did I tell ya bout teh 6 ft stepladder I had leaned agianst the house one day...I was on the very top step and I got a verbal warning about my wrongdoing....LOL j/k

J said...

And OMG, this just goes to show you how fast I blow through the T&G in the morning....which is the amt. of time it takes for my 16oz cawfeee to percolate and my toast to be browned.......but I missed QQQQQQQQQQQQQ on todays front page earlier this morning.

I guess i kind of straddle the fence on this politcal sign issue esp. if the signs are only up for a couple months (by his own admission Q's are up longer)...........but the T&G did its usual lack of investigatory questioning. Specifically, they failed to ask Q how many of the candidates that he had signs up for actually voted this new ordinance into law?

I mean Q, mi amigo, ya cant have it both ways and the answer aint the ACLU, the answer is with your candidates who now sit on the CC. Q's signage gives new meaning to the recently bandied about term ... "OCCUPIERS"

You go get those unconstitutional councilors Q :) ...... because I need to know if the 39 Halloween life like figures I have on my front lawn rise to the level of signage or maybe even "accessory Structures". If there are deemed accessory structures my Herman Munster figure is over 15 ft tall......clearly in violation of zoning.....call the nuisance patrol !!!!!!!!! :)

And speaking of accessory structures...what's Tim done for Worcester lately j/k