August 01, 2012

Barger Coming to ORH August 22nd

He sent me a tweet last night that he will be back in Worcester August 22nd. 


Neil said...

So basically we have 21 days to crank up the volume on the #JetBlue2ORH campaign?

I'm in.

Steve Foley said...

Looks like Mr. Sutner is a reader of this blog.

Telegram Sotry

jose said...

bill, i think you should start a facebook/twitter page. spread the word however necessary of dave bargers visit, and for anyone who would like jetblue to come to worcester to go to the facebook/twitter page and like or follow. also, have people answer a question, which of the following places would they like jetblue to fly to from orh. select 3 places, maybe fort myers, myrtle beach, or a 2nd florida destination. how does that sound?

MSWOMer said...

Looking at the JetBlue to ORH campaign, it's all well and good to make offers to JetBlue employees, but I think that if you want to entice JetBlue, you need to offer those incentives to the customers, not the employees. If you want to see JetBlue come to Worcester and stay, give then what they want.

They want consistently full planes, so show them how the community supports ORH and JetBlue there. Think of offers that would attract customers to ORH and advertise those incentives instead. Discounts on hotel rooms for people who fly JetBlue in or out of ORH, rental cars, concierge service, anything that you can think of that would make their lives easier and make flying ORH more desirable than flying out of the 4 other major airports within an hour, hour and a half of Worcester.

Print all of them up on a flier and show it to Barger. A long list of "this is how we'll help your business" is very encouraging. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Any word on what time he will be visiting ORH on August 22?

Harry T

jose said...

nvm, already liked the facebook page, and got 3 of my friends to like.