February 02, 2011

2.5 Million Dollar HUD loan

It has been called to my attention that although the 2.5 million dollar HUD Section 108 loan had been approved, the closing documents were never signed.  In other words, the City of Worcester never received the monies thus are not paying any interest on the loan.    We learned alot this week. 

Next week City Council maybe a Councilor can ask:

1   Who is paying for all the sewerage work on Main and May Street?

2 . Request a report on all land/ or building  RFP's the past five years to see to what extent they have complied with the their terms of their LDA?
3. .Mason Street parcel is definately out of compliance.  Maybe a Councilor can request that this go back ou to bid like Pharamsphere?


Brendan Melican said...

The fact that it takes so long to get these questions answered is a sure sign that either we're a city of idiot observers, or there are some serious transparency issues in town.

T-Traveler said...

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Jahn said...

Brendan, I'll go with #2 ... i.e. serious transparency issues.

As re: transparency.....Can you say operation Canterbury St School CYA? SOmeone needs for file a FOIA request for the states report on this situation