February 02, 2011


Their initial opening was delayed two months, due to some problems with the roof.  Someone told me that the roof was not built for the NorthEast weather, thus the delay.  Walmart closed today and tomorrow, because of problems with the roof.   Does anyone know if it collapsed? 


Anonymous said...

WBZ-TV4 news said there have been 40+ roof collapses in Massachusetts so far... YIKES!

Harry T

David Z. said...

I would think that if the roof collapsed that would have been reported either in the T&G or on TV.

If they're concerned about the roof now what will they (and other businesses with flat roofs) do after the expected storm on Saturday? I'm hearing another 5 - 9 inches of heavy wet snow is predicted.

Jahn said...

Glad to see our good Jakes were shoveling off the Grove St station roof yesterday. There they are front and center on T&G local news section with their shovles in hand.

I suppose a T&G photograper just happned to be passing by at the time. NOT !!!!!!! Attention whores/publicity hounds !!!!!!!

I still want to know if they have shovled out the citys 15 million hydrants. If Deval shows up in town soon, Toby the lab will need a place to take a wizz....after which we can re-bury the hydrant with whatever bovine fecal matter Deval spews out.

Query, do we need a fire dept. chaplains???..........i mean other lines of dont have people injured and killed performing their tasks/jobs???? Lines of work which are much more dangerous than firefighting. Does Teamsters local 170 or St Gobain or our snow plow drivers have chaplains?

BTW , I am sure our DPW and private plow guys are dragging today afer quite a work out of lately . Are they called heroes for doing their jobs...NO !!!...not that I have seen or read..........my point being that doing ones job aint heroism unless it's the military where we have sooo many unsung heroes

Jahn said...

Just wondering the extent, if any, of the subsidies we gave to Walmart, Sams Club, and Oilve Garden; at the site of the old AMerican Steel & Wire on Rte 146?

If little or nothing......does not the question arise..........do we even need all these bureaucrats picking the winners and Pharamshperes (losers) in economic dev'ment game in Worcester?

As I said here before....road growth always = economic growth.

Hey at about 630 pm yesterday ( Wedn) a guy named Scott called into Howie........Scott then proceed to REALLY trash talk Downtown worc and Jordan Levys vision of a new, vibrant DT Worc when City Sq comes to frution. Carr had to actually kinda ease the guy into ending his rant lol. Scott, did say that new buildings will not cure DT Worcester.

On Tuesday I did not see any demo action on city Sq I drove from The Paris Cinema all the Way to Worc center Blvd along the huge curved concrete mass and I saw no demo work

Wasnt Jan 31 st also City Sq's drop dead demo date, as well as Pharams drop dead date?

David Z. said...


I have to reiterate once more about CitySqaure. Demolition is already proceeding internally and out of view of the general public. January 31st was the target date that the project manager thought residents would start to see some outward signs of the demo. With the weather we have been experiencing I'm sure it may have altered their plans at least by a few weeks.

Either way, the UNUM buidling will be ready for occupancy in the Fall of 2012.

As for the Scott that called into the Howie Carr show about the sad state of downtown Worcester; it sounds like the same caller (Scott) that has been banned from calling into most local radio stations. Of course I did not hear the actual call so I can't confirm whether it was the same guy or not but my hunch tells me it could be.

And even though your identity has not been revealed to most of us silly bloggers, I certainly hope for your sake the WFD doesn't know who you are. The way you constantly bash them they may take the long way to your house if you ever have an emergency.

Jahn said...

David, the FF'ers are allegedly all about public safety. Fire hydrants are all about public safety. What more needs to be said about their inaction re fire hydrants. Few weeks ago I saw Marlboro jakes doing the hydrants

IIAFF (Worc Local) Motto:

"We're all about public safety as long as it's in the contract"

To paraphrase...we'll operate Defibrillators if Worc adds a stipend to our contract"

WFD spokeswoman....and I paraphrase from teh T&G ......... T&G asks her who is responsible for clearing snow from the doggie urinals...the response........everyone....HUH.........that aint in my contract :)

David, i think you and I know who this Scott may have been :) Did Jordan ban him from WTAG airwaves? OMG !!!!!!!!!!!

My memory was that CM Mike siad the public would be able to see teh demolition by Jan 31st....now I need reading glasses..........but i can read one of Sign Guys masterpieces from 100's of feet away ........so i should been able to see that demo work from only 100 ft away....maybe they're starting over on side of teh garage that nearer Main St & Front Sts....as I didnt see that portion.

Agreed that weather coulda set em back a bit...but CM Mike, I am sure took New england winter weather into his Jan 31 st prediction.

Frankly If they start exterior demo by Valentines day.....I'll give em an ATTA BOY..what's a few weeks given that we've all waited since late 2006 for this bride to her act together and get on the runway :)

As too Worc's finest taking the long way to my house......dont they just plug my street name/ addie into their GPS?

And................here's to hoping the buried hydrant nearest your house is cleared out.....on the other hand....dont those 24 ton rigs come loaded with H2O??