February 15, 2011

City Manager & Health Insurance

Driving in today, I listened to the City Manager on WTAG.    Very impressed with the City Manager's understanding of health insurnace, as well as the importance it has on the bottom line of the City of Worcester.

One idea to look into.   The City would be better off paying 100% of the cost for the Fallon Direct Network.  It is a strong plan in Central Mass, except no UMASS.    If an employee wants a pplan with a larger network, the employee pays the difference for Fallon Select and Blue Cross.    We really need to look into ideas like this, since getting into the GIC may not be so easy.  As I See It column today in Telegram. 

Kudos to the City Manager. 


David Z. said...

I'm very impressed with the City Manager on everything! If Worcester ever switched to a Strong Mayor form of government, Mike O'Brien would win in a landslide. Now if he would only move his weekly chat fest over to WCRN so I can listen to him again.

Bill Randell said...

You know when someone repeats lines but has no true undestanding of what he or she is saying.

Mike today was one of the most natural discussions I have ever heard him have. He understands the different plans and realizes the importance of controlling the health care costs.

Jahn said...

I like Mike too and agree with him most of his positions on issues.

Problem is that the pols have to vote his ideas into existence...altho if things get bad enough the CM may have executive authority to do as he pleases.

I have run head on to into 2 diff weddings in City hall of late, both late in the day and now in todays T&G there are pics of another lovefest done in City yesterday, Valentines Day.

I am telling ya IMO, these ceremonial gatherings that of course attract family and friends of bride & groom are a at the very least a distraction.........worse case take a bunch of people who are prone being loud, boisterous, overly celebratory, ...well you know what I mean. I got no problem with geeting a good edge on at a wedding and making some noise but it s/b done in function hall setting, not a muncipal office building.

Frankly this kinda stuff does NOT belong high atop a city hall marble staircase at 4:45 in the afternoon with gowns galore, flowers a fluttering, and the like.

City Hall is a business office. This baloney should end. Whats next in city hall....toga parties?

zed said...

O'Brien needs 11 votes right now. I seriously doubt he has the personal style to win an election.

Jahn said...

Zed i kinda have to agree.

Rarely is a good manager and good politician found in the same body.

Same can be said of a good entrepenuer and good company manager....both require diff kinda persona, mindset, and the like.

Not to say he cant be political when needed.

I recall when they were talking strong mayor awhile back and Tom Hoover said he'd never run for office.

Jahn said...

Also Mike OB only needs 6 votes now...right???

Years ago Franny Mcgarth used to say all he needed was 5 votes to stay live as CM..back then there were 9 CC's at large.