February 04, 2011

Walmart Update

Route 146 is definately open and according to a comment Leicester is open??

Let me know what you know 


Jim Gonyea said...

Leicester was open last night. I didn't go into the building, but I did drive through the parking lot and there were plenty of cars and people pushing carriages inside. The only report beyond a sentence I've seen was on The Daily Leicester which reported it was closed and the Leicester building inpsector called. I haven't seen anything else.

Neil said...

And now West Boylston is closed - my wife just called from there.

To make matters worse, the Target on Lincoln St is apparently a total mess because of their refurb. Nothing is where it's supposed ot be and they've got lots of stuff crammed too close together.

Jahn said...

Mondays T&G reports the Worc Housing Authority will receive a $155,000 grant to be used toward a "personal improvement program".........HUH???..........

Program will attempt to place unemployed WHA resiedents into employment of some type via a personal improvement program

OMG word verificatin:

MATINGS !!!!!!

THE PROGRAM WILL BE VOLUNTARY.......HUH????? and if no one volunteeers to enter the program what happens to teh money?

Wasteful spending like this is craZY. We have a personal improvemtn program. It's called education and/or teh help wanted jobs listings.

I dont mean to be a hard +++..but.....Here is a bicyle and there is a school....here are teh directions to the school....start peddling.

Awhile back teh WHA got anotehr grant to deal with teen pregnancies. I mena come on

Since when does teh Housing authority have to become a social service agency?

THne I flip the page and there is an article about all teh money non profits are spending on lobbying on Beacon Hill. So I am supposed to give of my money to non profit organizatiosn only to have thenm use this money to take more of my tax dollars from me.

Sorry, but I am getting tired of paying for thsi G.D. Merry go round.