February 03, 2011


Okay....  Now I am getting very confused.

WalMart on Route 146 in Worcester is closed, which I mentioned before.  They are saying maybe this week-end to re-open.     Now I am being told WalMart in Leicester is closed until the Spring.   The f----- Spring.   WalMart in North Oxford also closed today???

Call me crazy but can one assume that somhow WalMart corporate HQ  did not calculate the load on these roofs correctly, especially when I know the City of Worcester had concerns with the roof last year when they opened on Route 146.   The part that confuses me more then anything else, from a guy who shoveled a flat roof today, is why doesn't WalMart hire people to clear these roofs, versus shutting down? They must realize that there are some structual defects?

Stay tuned......  


jahn said...

Here's my thought when I see pics of multiple people shoveling on a roof and I aint no rocket scientist nor civil engineer......some would dare say I am uncivil :(

Take a roof that is overloaded w/snow..........a load that is spread out over many spans & supports............then hire some big guys (like a 245 lb'er Paulie) to clear the snow. That creates what I believe engineers call a point load, concentrated in a very small area........i.e. a large concentration of weight on a very small area i.e. Now using the above example (245 lbs) Now if thsi load is nearby or right on a supporting cross piece all is probably well......the minute that load moves away from underlying support system........possibly TIMBER !!!!!!!

What i am driving at is..........is it possible that loading up the roof with add'l concentrated loads, like multiple snow shovelers, aggrevates the problem........does not this immediately increase the chance of roof failure? MMMMMMM...Then add in a snow blower or 2 to the point load......MMMMMMM

Eny engineers here.........? Help me out here. I only got a D in physics. Thanx

ANd polito said 3-5" on satruday is poss and anotehr whopper could come next Thursday......

Is everyone here sidewalk legal :)

David Z. said...

Jahn said, “ANd polito said 3-5" on satruday is poss and anotehr whopper could come next Thursday......”.

I’m boycotting WTAG since they eliminated their local news department through the layoff of Sherman Whitman and urging everyone else to do the same. They now get their “local” news delivered from an Albany, N.Y. news hub. Shameful. And this is all being done so their corporate owner, Clear Channel, can make even more money. Imagine it wasn’t too long ago that they had commercials running during the day touting themselves as Worcester’s News Leader with the largest radio news team in Central Massachusetts. If there was ever another fire like the Cold Storage or a major ice storm, they wouldn’t even have anyone left to report and do the round the clock coverage. “Cheap” Channel is certainly not going to fly in reporters from Albany.

In addition to eliminating their news department, they cancelled Mike Messina’s local nightly show and replaced it with the Sean Hannity show from 6 – 9 p.m. If I was Mike and Jordan levy, I would be watching my back. I predict Mike will be gone once the winter cancellation season is over and when Jordan has one of his many days off, instead of having Mike and or guest hosts fill in they will simply run Hannity live from 3 – 6. When no one notices or complains, they will run WTAG just like their sister station in Providence (WHJJ-AM) will all syndicated all the time except for morning drive.

I now get my local news from the blogs, WCRN (although I wish they would take this opportunity to hire Sherman and beef up the local news content), and the T&G.

Sorry I hijacked this topic Bill but I had to get this off my chest.

T-Traveler said...

i am so thrilled about Hannity taht I ddint even know Messina was gone until I heard polito say that messina would read the snow days>>>off-topic no one is blogging about the citywide grdlock between 5 and 615 last night. Randell's new sign lokks great!

Not Scott said...

David, my morning drive is WCRN, Wtag ,& when the wind is blowing their signal right way, WRKO.

Jordan's show could take along walk on a short pier as far as I am concerend, unless there is a real hot button local issue. The man has been a wind bag 99.5% of the time since 1976 when 1st elected to fight property tax increases/revaluation and his arguments pro & con on issues often seem to go in circles.

He continually takes teh City Council to task for many of the things that he himself used to do while on the council from 1976 till whenever he stepped down.

I think Clear Channel (CC) has, from what Carr implies, serious finacial issues.

Clearly, CC has to depend on advertisers that are fleeing the station in droves. Worc's expontential growth in the Pajama Peopel demographic and low income housing will continue to decimate Worc's economic base. Look for Worc printed news to be an insert in the Globe's Wednesday paper in the not distant future :(

City Sq. will be another disatrous stategy to erect new buildings to revive downtown. It will be the same old movie with new actors....it will be a deja vu of Worcester Center, Worcester Centrum, Mechanics Hall, Worc. Common Fashion Outlets, Worc Med Center, The Hand it over Theatre, .... i.e. Downtown will never get off the resusitators.

Feel free to hi-jack any of Bills threads.......I do it regularly....but there is no ransom to be had :)

Anonymous said...

Chicken Little

Anonymous said...

Chicken Little

Jim Gonyea said...

Leicester Wal-mart is open again, or at least it was when I drove by there earlier. It was just closed for a day.

Anonymous said...

Sam's Club is reopening this afternoon. Walmart and Sams are not paying their employees for the missed time due to "act of God". They can use vacation or personal time "if" they have it. I didnt realize being cheap, not using stronger materials in their roofs and not checking on said roofs during this winter was an Act of God. Cheapskates.