February 10, 2011


Remember RKG?   They did a Housing study in 2002 and said, amongst other things:

•The City of Worcester should find a balance in its affordable housing needs that benefits all of its residents. Demographic indicators suggest that the increase in rental assisted living housing during the 1990's, coupled with the high supply of low value units, has attracetd lower income residents to the City. This, in turn, has not helped the residential tax base!

•The City should be less aggressive in providing rental assisted housing if the object of the residential housing stategy is to improve the tax base.

•Off street parking should be the priority for any vacant lot or available tax title property.

•The CCDC's in the future should be considered more of a developer of last choice.

Looking back at this study it is amazing how right they are and startling how we did the exact opposite of what they recommended in 2002.   Looking forward the City of Worcester put out a bid for another Housing Study and the winner is, click here.    That's right RKG!!!    This is great news!!!!  

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janh said...

When is the last time the city council heeded what housing consultants told them...regardless if it's Worc Mun Research Bureau or just another outside consultant.

Just more wasted money IMO

Anyone ever see the report from the late 80's from a consultant called ON SIGHT IN SIGHT. Where is that gathering dust???..the old Park Ave fire Alarm building????.....speaking of which what's is going on with that or not going on?