February 22, 2011


Another great "AS I SEE IT" today

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Jahn said...

You must have taken a Haul-aaaah-day yeserday, Monday

Or you missed the letters to the editor.

Thanking ewe in advance here for your next thread posting re: yesterdays premiere (no pun) letter to the editor. Repetitive for sure (every quarter at a minimum) but on always 110% dead on point.

OT here, but what else is new in Woooo. Again I read this weekend of Beckers push for a so called Video Gaming Institute.........funded by the taxpayers and they got Mr Nemeth & Tim Murray on board, too for this ill conceived potential boondogle concept. I mean if you want your proverbial airplane to go down in flames .......and your train to jump the tracks..........well then you got the right folks on board.

Would any of you folks like to be in the computer programming business and then have to compete agaisnt a non profit gov't funded computer programming business associated with Becker College and if there is going to one funded by taxpayers ( which I oppose) whats wrong with placing it at Tatnuck State Teachers College or Greendale University?

I mean now we need to start CDC'ing the computer programing industry in Worcester?