February 16, 2011


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Why not put it on a City owned lot in the center of Worcester like the Pharmasphere lot??    As a business-owner and property-owner in the immediate area, this would be a great addition.   By the way the City already owns the lot???  Not to mention there is a mountain of sand/salt 1/4 mile away on Southbridge Street. 

Someone give me one reason this does not make alot of sense?


T-Traveler said...

some say intercity bus driver is more dangerous than firefighter


Jahn said...

Folks, I was downtown today and again no signs of exterior demolition on the parking garage. I didnt see Front St part of the garage. No signs of cranes, excavator grapples, portable crushers, dump trucks, or other heavy equipment often used to raze such a huge structure.

Lynch's excavator is still in the spot it was 3-4 weeks and its stationary engine is covered with snow.

Another thought...the parking garage is still completely enclosed with plastic encapsuling sheathing material, similar to what is often used to keep hazardous materials (asbestos?) from escaping a remediation site. I would think those would have to come down and be properly disposed of before any heavy equipment can start demolition work.

CM O'Brien said we'd see exterior demolition by Jan, 31 st?

Sorry but CM shouldnt be making announcements like a Jan 31st start date, unless it's a date certain. How many times since late 2005 have we been told City Sq is just around the corner?

Has demolition permit even been pulled yet and I cant see such a delay being blamed on teh weather, afteall this isnt the school dept. This is morphing into another 8 year project like Rogers Memorial restoration over at Elm Park.

Also, what's the scuttle butt on a replacement for Julie and what about the RFP for the AUD and the old court house?

I am going to bid $1.00 for that old historical stone court house and move it to City Hall plaza and leave it there because the taxpayers of Worcester need some answers & some justice.

Jahn said...

T Traveler the list of most dangerous occupations starting with the most dangerous looks somethign like this at it beginning:

1. Commer-shell fishermen

2. Timber Harvesters (see Ax Men)

3. Construction

4. Trucking and Warehousing

5. Residential food delivery (Mr Domino's )

FYI cops and firemen are down around the vicinity of #15 to 20 range.

BTW, I wonder if Deval or Tim or Elmer Fudd attended Mr Ken Olsens (Digital Equipment's top man) wake last week. Did I already ask that question here? If not, why not? If they didn tattend, they musta temporaily lost their attention whore, histrionic behaviors??..OPPs i forgot he worked in the dreaded private sector ..so the politicains basically feel...well screw him...he was a profit seeking capitalist who ran a non union business. either that or Deval is avioding the limelight for awhile until this situation with mudereed Woburn cop cools off?