February 17, 2011


What is happening out there is going to be happening in more states and maybe even Massachusetts sooner then later:

Great summary of what is going on and what this all means, read this story in the Washington Post


Anonymous said...

Bill...sorry to 'badger' you about this, but the state is actually spelled... Wisconsin.



Harry T

Jim Gonyea said...

I don't think Massachusetts politicians are dumb enough to try to ram through a law that strips public unions from the right to collective bargaining. That was the straw that broke the camels back. I think the unions would have groused over pay and benefit cuts, but the collective bargaining attack was the final factor. They're lucky the police are showing up for work.

Jahn said...

As Bill would say, is it just me or does anyone else see an irony in the Worc housing Authority's apparently new(?) policy of attempting to transition tenants out of public housing projects and into their own housing.

Initially the WHA will issue rental housing vouchers(a.k.a Section 8) to aid transitioning tenants. HUH??. Ok... so a Section 8 tenant living in a 3 decker isnt living in publicly owned property......but I mean it's still publicly paid for or substantially publicly paid for.

So carrying this to it logical conclusion, do we in fact have the WHA 'transitioning" the folks in Great Brook valley at the north end of the city to a new $300,000duplex townhouse built by a Community dev'ment company in the south end of the city?

Also transtioning teannts out of housing projects will, if successful, open up more housing project units for rent by newcomers and I guess it will increase the demand at the oterh end of the pipeline for MORE highly expensive CDC built housing in Main South.

Isnt it time for the WHA to stick to it's core mission of providing housing and cease with the social engineering? This is insanity.

How about just limiting the time a family can stay in GBV?

Toadsy T&G says teh WHA will use grant $$$ to study other housing authorities operations. Translastion: Trips to Florida in the winter, Cape Cod in the summer, Las Vegas in the fall, and Hilton Head in the spring to "study" the public housing authotires in those areas.

This just more bovine fecal matter.

File under: PO'ed on a 60 degree Friday in the middle of Febr. GGGGGGGGGRRRR