February 08, 2011

Cape Air

Now this one hurts.  Cape Air to start flying from Albany to Logan,  Boston Globe story.   

Cape Air plans to begin service from Logan International Airport to Albany, N.Y., next month, the regional carriers' 10th destination out of Logan.

Dont understand how we can not get Cape Air to ORH with JetBlue code sharing?  


Jahn said...

Will Randell said:

"Dont understand how we can not get Cape Air to ORH with JetBlue code sharing?"

<<<<< Dont understand why 8 months into Massports takeover we STILL have the sooooooooooo few commercial flights.

As they used say during case studies at the B School (that's Harvard Bizz School for u Wormtownites) .... What does/can Massport bring to the party? Again for you Piedmont Village people that's a euphemism for what strategic/unique attributes does Massport have that we can capitalize on.

Eminent domain is one thing that comes to mind. Political clout may be another. What else?

Bill Randell said...


I got to admit I am disappointed to date with MassPort. Although I did not expect miracles over-night, I did expect more to date.

One more commercial carrier to Florida, Cape Air code sharing with JetBlue would have been nice? To see Cape Air flying from Albany to Boston , skipping right over Worcesyht over Worcester is disappointing.


Jahn said...

You know I've been reading of late about Worc's Annual Visions Awards for certain folks. I cant exactly recall them all but it seems to me we had a student, a non profit chieftan, a bureacrat, a doctor, and maybe one other person.

Most of these people all have in common that they take their livelihood from taxpayers and or donors for the most part.

Today I read of the death of Mr. Ken Olsen, if not the main man behind Digital Equipment, then one of the 2 or 3 main men behind DEC.

This man did so much for Central and Eastern Mass economy......much more than any and all governors, mayors, pols, etc COMBINED......and....he is not a convicted felon either!!!!!!

Soooooo, someone please tell me why the flags shouldnt be at 1/2 mast?

The real, true heroes always move quietly amongst us out of the limelight and w/o fanfare.

Thanx Ken for all you did. Rest in peace.

Jahn said...

BIll, ever hear the term flyover country :(

BTW, do we have weekly flight(s) to Tyrtle Beach?

Any word on how the peak season flights are stacking up htis year.................extra flights added............100% loads......etc???????

Bill LeBeau said...

Bill, I agree with you. Of course with the money Massport is wasting on things like parking attendants at Logan (See my blog) maybe there isn't much leftover for ORH. To all the naysayers out there during the 1980's Worcester airport had a couple years of 250,000+ passengers flying in and out of Worcester, and that was with the old terminal! Marketing is key and until it is done seriously our airport will continue to suffer.

Jahn said...

Mr LeBeau, I think we all agree the airport was doing well in the 1980's

My undersanding however is that back then air travel was heavily regulated and carriers were often forced by the the gov't to serve "lesser markets"...thus the bustling Worc Airport.

The airline industry also cannibalized themselves with the likes of $79 flights to far flung destinations that were money losing deals as well as excess airline industry capacity.

I think it was Reagan who deregulated much of the transportation industry, including trucking, too.

Rte 20 used to be loaded with LTL (less than truckload) carriers. With deregulation and also with much less indusrtry in Worcester, Rte 20's trucking operations are now only a skeleton of what they were "back in the day"

Good to see a new blogger here. Come back soon. :)

Again i was DownT nearby the Lieberry Monday. I waS GOING TO STOP IN to look something up. Opppps i forgot they're closed on Mundays. So for the 1st time in ages I stopped into the soon to be closed Ben frankln booksstore opposite the Lieberry. Kinda sad it's the end of their run. Gotta go back. I didnt have my wallet on me. Going to buy an old service manual for the Jahnmobile.

I also didnt see any demolition grapples scrunching up the parking garage. Patience is virtue.

Jahn said...

BIll I also meant to ask...........do you have time frame in mind for seeing some resulsts up on airport hill, before we decalre the Massport takover of the airport another Berkley Gone bad deal??

a.k.a. acquire assets for real short money and then either sit on them like a big fat hen sitting on eggs and/or they realized their supposedly short money deal was a bad idea???

T-Traveler said...

deregulation was in the '70's


Bill LeBeau said...

I would like to respond to your comments. First,by 1986 most of the regulations on the airline that you so dearly miss were already gone. Certainly there were no rules forcing airlines to use Worcester at that time. Rather a combination of lower landing fees, less congestion and lower fuel costs made Worcester an attractive alternative to airports such as Logan and Bradley. Since those days Hanscom, TF Green, Manchester, Bradley and even Logan have improved their respective airports so much with better access, navigation aids, newer runways, and modernization that Worcester is at a distinct disadvantage. Also the busiest airline in the 1980's in Worcester was Piedmont Airlines, which left only after USAir bought them. Your argument about de-regulation being the cause just does not make sense when you factor in the success of Manchester and Providence in the time since the 80's given their markets are much smaller than Worcester's. As far as low fares, as a traveller I never complain about low fares and if an airline goes under because they cannot compete, oh well. Regulation to the extent you desire is horrible for a healthy economy. Market forces are the best regulator around. Safety regulations? All for them. Environmental regulations? All for them to as long as they are reasonable. Business regulations on pricing, access etc...horrible idea..

Jahn said...

OK let's say dereg was the 70's & the 80's. Maybe I should have said the Eeffects of dereg really started to show up in the 80's.

Maybe I wasnt clear. I am in FAVOR of dereg. and market forces; be it airlines, trucking, public ed, firefighting, school custodains, and the like

Mr Lebeau, I do disagree re dereg and it a effect on Worc Airport. The gov't formerly forced airlines to serve Worcester. When no longer forced to serve Worc the airport started a slow demise to where it is now.

Manchester and Prov markets maybe smaller, but as you cite about better access, they are both served by a 2 digit and a 3 digit interstate highway(s) and this is what primarily what helped them to survive and grow once dereg decimated ORH

I feel that if dereg was still in place Worc would have many more comm. flights, forced upon them only by virtue of regulations..........which comm flights would make the airport more successful W/o regulations we're a ghost town at ORH.....maybe not be a complete 100% cause & effect but the nexus between de reg and de mise at ORH is IMO undeniable.

Safety regs...Agreed...enviro regs....disagree (disagreemnt makes the ponies run :) ..)

Michaelle said...

Greetings -- In the 80s-90s MHT was nearly as small as ORH...with a 3 UA flights to ORD, and 3 US flights to PHL, plus commuter flights with Bar Harbor and Precision to BOS, LGA, JFK, and EWR. The then-airport manager at MHT (Fred Testa) was out on the street (or rather, the streets of Dallas, Atlanta, and Minneapolis) courting airlines like Southwest, Delta, and Northwest. I thought he was crazy...but he did everything he could to make it attractive for new airlines to come to MHT. Maybe ORH should look at how airports make it attractive for airlines to come.