February 12, 2011

Junction Shops

Eric you should pick up the InCity Times.  District 4 Councilor Haller is saying "VTT properties must be brought to the table with the City for a reasonable solution and it must be done now.....   I pledge to work to form a crime watch, develop a business association, and find the best solution to the Junction Shops property."    is it really governmet's job to find the best use for private property? 

VTT properties is a private group that owns this parcel.   I wish the same demand for action was put on Mason Street, a formerly onwed City of Worcester lot that is totally out of compliance with the terms of their LDA (Land Disposition Agreement).     Looks to me that Junction Shops may be getting eyed for future low income development. 

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Signman said...

What is funny is one of the properties they own they wanted to demolish. D 4 was the one who put the stops to it saying it was historic and used her power to stop the tear down for a year. She also stated it could be used for more housings. I ask the same how many times has th CBA asked her for her help on Mason St and 84 Piedmont St.
Nothing has been done....