February 12, 2011

School Superindent follow-up

What I find interesting about this subject is I know nothing really about the school department and have no preconceived notions of the current School Superintendent.  Since my initial post I have been told many different things.   Here are the most important:
  1. She has never had to report to a School Committee before.
  2. She has never had to put together a budget
  3. She has no collective bargaining experience
O'kay, there is no way all of this can be true, right???   Can anyone out their confirm or correct.   If this is in fact true, how the hell did she get the job?


Bill Randell said...

From the Telegram (Thanks Nicole)

"This job is Ms. Boone's first as a superintendent, but it is not her first time reporting to an elected School Committee. In Norfolk, Va., where she was chief academic officer before coming to Worcester, the City Council appoints the school board, but in the Isle of Wight County, Va., public schools, where she was an assistant superintendent from 1997 to 2001, the board was elected."

Jahn said...

Why would someone leave the Norfolk school system, move to Worc, and then all too often fly out of Worc. on Fridays to be with their family in Norfolk.

Unless the pay increase was so great, she couldn turn down the Worc opportunity?

Mark my words, if Ms. Boone, either by choice or not by choice leaves Worcester, they will hang it all on Konnie.

OT here but a day or 2 ago i meant to comment that i again read of Becker and their "Vidoe Game Programming Institute"(?) positionng themselves for feeding at the gubmint teet to fund this (mis)adventure.

What about my grandkids "Dirt & Trail Bike Safe Riding Institute" .............He needs a few million, too and some free land. gEEEEESH

Brendan Melican said...

Jahn: Why would hanging Boone on Konnie, her one big move as Mayor, be inappropriate if history shows Boone to be an abject failure?

Not sure what the WPS talk has to do with the gaming industry, but where are you seeing suckling as a part of the Becker proposal? I've been to a few of their meetings and all I've heard is talk of eliminating the Commonwealths outdated no-compete laws which cripple an industry which relies on freelancers, and tax incentives for private industry. I thought this was a pro-business crew?