February 10, 2011

City Clerk

Just downtown getting some help from the Treasurer's Office, again one of the better run offices in the City, and saw the latest display the City Clerk has up..If you are downtown, check it out.  It has a bunch all ballots, pitures, etc.  Very interesing.

The thing that jumped out at me was a ballot from 1973, or 1972??  It had a bunch of names on one side for City Council and a bunch of names on the other side for School Committee.  There were no district councilors.  If we ever reverted to that again and just had 11 open seats, the elections would be great.   Creating district councilors and dual tax rates was a big mistake.

In the City Clerk's display there is a picture with a tag that says "Who am I?".  Well, I got no idea.  Anyone out there know.


Nicole said...

You should've taken a picture of the "Who Am I?" photo!

T-Traveler said...

pres obama?

Bill Randell said...

Correct!! I was not thinking National, but more ont he local level. kind of neat display.

Jahn said...

I too was thinking local..........Mr Bill Coleman.

Ran into him a couple years ago at a local store. Always a kinda colorful (non racial context), jovial, local, likeable personality who I used to always see in the Pickle Barrel.....always ready to burn your ear off on local issues.

I miss MY Pickle Barrel days...rarely get there anymore and I especially miss the cross section of local demographics in there....from the cops to politicians to the DPW guys to elderly to folks from the local hood.

Truly a Worc institution.

Sew has anywon scene oo heard of Bill lately? He's abit out of local limelight now that he doesnt run for council anymore.

Tracy Novick said...

Jahn, Bill's on the library board, so he makes an occasional appearance on Nicole's blog.

T-Traveler said...

you can find Bill Coleman in InCity Times