February 09, 2011

Ice Skates

My daughter and I have been doing alot of roller skating at SkyLite on Park Ave.   Z what night do you DJ, we will stop by sometime.     Decided we need to get ready for the Ice Skating Opening Gala on the Common coming next year?? and need to buy some skates..   Where can you buy some skates??  


David Z. said...

Tuesday nights from 6 - 8:30 but I'm temporarily on hiatus. I'm hoping to be back no later than Tuesday February 22nd. My wife & I are down to one car. Anyone have an early 2000's Camry or Corolla they would like to sell?

Brian Goslow said...

Why not just go enjoy the rink at Crompton Park?

Tracy Novick said...

Dick's Sporting Goods has them, but only seasonally.
And do go try Crompton!

Paul Shea said...

Kleen N' Hard Sports in Worcester has new and used figure and hockey skates. It's kind of a dump though.

If you want hockey skates you need to go to Pure Hockey in Marlboro as they are the biggest hockey store in New England. However, you daughter will probably be more comfortable in figure skates.

Jahn said...

David, Good choices in cars but in some environs the Corollas are in especially high demand which = a high price This is due to the affinity for Corolla conversion low riders.

How about a Toyota Tercel?