February 11, 2011

RKG Housing Study

Just got off the phone with a friend of mine, I was telling how that many problems that plague our City is the housing policy that has been in effect the past ten years, which is you can not have enough low income housing.   Even if you are beyond the Commonwealth of Massachusetts requirement of 10%, who cares just keep building more in densely concentrated area with no parking.  

People then wonder why it is so hard to drive around certain areas?  If you building 50 units of housing and waive hundreds of parking spots, where do you think these people park their cars.   Answer--in the streets further congesting the roads when we have alot of snow like this. 

Really bummed out that 4-rilla is moving.   He is the exact type of person that we want to attract to Worcester.  let me ask you this who do you  think will move in the 24 units of low income housing when Southgate Place opens??  Answer--people of low income. 

Then we wonder why the MCAS scores are dropping in the City of Worcester or why our commercial tax base is dwindling.  It is all about the people.   If I say that we need to attract people, who have good jobs and make good money, people wil start saying "gentrification".  Give me a break!!  

I can not see how RKG can come up with any different then they did ten years when they said that we need more market rate housing.    Lets hope this time, we listen.    


Jahn said...

Dont forget to add in the parking woes created not only by non profit built low income housing, but also non profit built COMMERCIAL space.

I have to wonder what the parkign situation is in front of Worc Comm Grds mixed use project at Piedmont and Main where the 1st floor is all commercial space, given that there are no parking spaces for neitehr the tenants nor the commercial space employees and customers?

BTW I assume the commercial space is rented?

Bill LeBeau said...

Bill, this has been a pet peeve of mine for awhile. It is not just the city of Wocester that get affected by these policies it is the whole county, especially the town directly abutting. I find it hard to believe that intelligent people like the Mayor, Lt. Governor, City Manager and some Councilors don't know that adding more and more low income housing causes more strain on the budgets. As cynical as it sounds I think they just see the Democrat votes that will occupy that housing.

Jahn said...

Mr Le Beau, I am wondering, is the CM able to control this low income housing? Doesnt the council have to vote to accept the low income housing mooney from Washington & Boston and from that point forward teh CMs hands are tied?

ALso as re: the mayor and Lt Gov.....they are both very blue blooded democrats........the mayor more so that the Lt Gov. as the mayor grew up under the tutelage of Jim Mc Gov.

<<<< Questions the degree of intelligence of at least one of these above 2 individuals..read Deval's new book and you may discover a common demoninator between Deval and Tim....at least 2 in fact

Bill L. its not cynical to think these demo's bring more and more and more low income housing to Worc expressly to build their voting base.......IT'S A FACT !!!!!

IMO this city has crossed the divide into an over abundance of low income housing from which it will take decades to recover, if it all. Just look at the public schools and you'll see Worc's future.

Then after reading todays (2-12) T&G letters to teh editor.........i know it all over not only for Worc ,but for America as we know it :)

Good weakend two awl.......49 degress by Thursday......WHOOOOPEEEEEE

Low Income Housing San Diego said...

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