February 08, 2011

Mason Street

Do you think we should put a deadline on this project, like we did with Pharmasphere?


Jahn said...

What am I missing here? The MBTA acquired 2 new loco's from the Utah Transit Authority. MAybe MBTA combined with Utah to buy quantities of locos at a discount? But still why not buy direct from Manufacturer?

state will float a bond to fund their share of the purchase ....yet officials are negotiating to LEASE (rent) locos from Utah or other vendors....why float bond if you're going to lease them?

Also the only folks who lease are the ones who cant afford to buy.....be it at Rent A Center or a person buying a 30k car when all they can really afford is 20k car so they rent the car for 36 months.

Just goes to show how broke the MBTA is and 1% of our 6.25% sales is dedicated to the MBTA??????

And how do new locos speed up the trip? dO they accelaraTE ALL THAT MUCH FASTER? Putting new blood into a clogged artery hoping to attain faster passage just doesnt work any more than driving a new car down a snow clooged street will speed things up?

Help me here, what am i mising

David Z. said...

New locomotives = less breakdowns = fewer cancellations = more on-time reliability.

Back on topic, yes they should be given a deadline but I don't think that will happen anytime soon. Especially if this is tied into more income based housing.

Jahn said...

T&G gotta look at some of these plugged in non profits besides Yeshiva

Worc Common Grd property at 97 Bellevue st is in the Hawk Shoppe for $9,000...last payment made 2.5. years ago....in tax title for 5,0000

MLK Center is in the Hawk Shoppe for 8,000 and have not made a payment per treausrs website since the YEAR 2000......WTF........it appears they pay no property tax ( non profit) but they also are not paying their water bills?

HTF do they obtain Mirco loans for 50,000 when being so in debt tot he city

HTF does WCG obtain building permits. I thot no permits unless you're current on taxes?

Sutner..caywood................this stuff is easy pickings.................i only looked a 2 non profits and didnt spend more than 2 minutes researching...........I mean this is a great work at home project on snowed in Friday.

Sorry but the sense of entitlement w/these Non profits is way over the top.

I wonder what these two non profits Mission statemnts say about their commitments the 'hood?

MKL esp. has me scratching my head WTH do they exactly do in there. IMO, this place is a bust out and s/b defunded