February 16, 2011

South Worcester Neighborhood Center

Amazes me.   They have had no meetings at all with the neighborhood to explain what their plans are for these buildings that they are going to demolish next to the 25 no-low income units, that none of the people in the immediate area wanted. Imagine if a private developer was doing this??

What do you really think they have planned for this site?  In the words of Jahn, surely you jest.  More no-lo income housing of course.    Just need to resign myself to the fact that Worcester is going to lead the Commonwealth of Massachusetts in no-lo housing and all the new market rate housing is going to the surrounding towns.    I am sorry it is not no-lo housing, it is workforce housing.

Great news RKG has been hired to do our Housing Study and I know already what their recommendations will be, but I just see anyone being able to stop the no-low housing machines that are entrenched in Worcester.   Here are some of the future developments I see coming for no-lo:

  1. 90-93 Grand Street
  2. Ionic Boys Club
  3. Mason Street
  4. Junction Shops
  5. PIP building

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Jahn said...

The Worc news of late.....

a. PIP shelter is history ( allegedly) and Now I read of youthful (20's?) people who evidently are an entire new demographic of Homeless. Look for SMOC to be in the news agin soon???

b. I think it's great that Worc schools have a nutrition program thats costs us nothing. We need more programs that cost nothing, but dare I ask, how does it end up costing us nothing?

c. Bus co. going to be gettign a new operations center. $39M in dedicated funding has already been rec'd. TY Elmer. I swear back in the mid 90's we spent an arm & a leg and many months doing major rehab to the existing Bus co headquarters.

d. How about all the acreage that is freed up when an entire city block is opend up by demolition at 93 Grand St, is used as a combined new DPW & Bus operations center........vs.......the usual more low income, $300,000 per unit townhouse units with granite countertops and no parking

e. Why are the city dog catchers now part of the police dept? Jackbooted, badged, and packing heat. Look almost like fed agents ready to take on Waco, Texas.
Why cant the dog catchers be part of fire dept. Kind alike a doggie ambulance. When not shoOtting bears outta trees or collaring pitbulls they can be on call for fires....thereby eliminatING 2 FF'er positions. I know, I know it was State DCR agents who shot the bears......right?? :)

f. Bill was right on when he lobbied here for an airport connector road(3 ATTA BOYZ for Bill) from Maas pike via Rte 56. Bill gets his kicks on Rte 56 at Hot Dawg Annies Raodshack. Mondays paper said a huge study of 290 trafiic will be undertaken and mentioned the Rte 56 "airport road". MMMMMMMM as Sgt. Schultz used to say....."Veeeerdiieee interesting"
I still say it s/b via Hope Ave, but that's another program.

g. In the same train of thot, Repubs say any new road building will be on the chopping block. Solution...a toll road to the airport..but free raod usage for the local hillbillies in Leicester ??????? :)