February 10, 2011

School Superintendent Melissa Boone

Let me preface by saying, I do not know what I am talking about.    Unlike Pharmasphere and other topics, that I do know what I am tallking about, although others will say I do not.   

On this, I do not know anything, but here is what I see, everyone out there enlighten me:
  • This whole cheating on the MCAS has not been addressed correctly
  • Gary Rosen wrote a letter in WoMag a couple weeks back and what surprised me more then anything was the co-ordinated effort of the current School Superintendent's supporters to make comments attacking Gary Rosen.  At the same time when I listen to Polito or Shulkin, the same superintendent will not answer any calls to them or any press has supporters attacking Rosen?
  • This year school budget is going to be a disaster and nobdy is taking the lead?  Stealing this from Polito, who mentions this all the time. 
  • School Committee member Novick, whom I respect and I consider a straight-shooter,  had to (in the words of Jermey Shulkin)  pulled a "dirty Harry move" and served the School Superintendent a request for information during a recent meeting break.
Something is not right here.   Considering how large a portion the school budget is of the overall budget the effectiveness of the current School Superintendent has more of an effect on our tas bills then any rate the current City Council approves.  

Please bring on the comments. 


Anonymous said...

This whole MCAS-thingie is turning into a real Boone-doggle!!! :-)

Harry T

Jahn said...

I, too have watched this alleged MCAS incident unfold and the lack of transparency in the aftermath is unfathomable.

Ms Boone talks about things like protocol not being followed and other vague terminology that basically just tap dances all around the issue.

Mayor Joe and his ilk s/b taken to task on this, but what can you expect from a guy who cut his teeth working for Jim Mc Govern.

A T&G commentor had an interesting take on this in Thusdays paper:

"Conservative independent wrote:
So, now I'm confused. The two principals that were fired from Union Hill and Chandler were only held responsible for low test scores because there was bargaining money.
If it weren't for that money WPS recieved for firing them would they have gotten a standing ovation?
Which is it Boone? and O'Brien? "

Am I understanding that Ms Boone was "SERVED" with papers (from a Sheriff?) during a break in the school committee meeting?

How long can they hide on this issue when an FOIA request apparently has been filed with the state.

The customers and taxpayors of Worcester want an answer on this and the Board of Directors just flips them the bird?

As always, if this was a Charter school the issue, it would be handled properly, transparency would rule the day, and head(s) would roll.

Hopefuly this all plays out next fall during election season.

For the record, I dont nec. blame the schools completely for educational failure. They have to deal w/students and parents who just do not care.

You want to cure what ails public education ... rid us of teachers unions, publicly provided education, school committtees, state depts of education, and the fed'l dept of Education.\

And as always Deval and Obama want to solve our public education problems with more money. Does anyone recall the year 1993 when MCAS was going to sovle all our public educational woes and right behind the MCAS standards and testing was a CSX freight train loaded with boxcars full of cash. Now many educators want to do away with MCAS....OK fine........and shall we also do away the load of cash that came w/MCAS?

Will Ms. Boone be flying back to Norfolk, VA this evening for what some allege is her almost weekly, weekend hiatus from Worcester?

Anyone notice how the naysayers are starting to line up and blame Konnie for desiring an outsider for our next Super. of schools. Speaking of which....I havent seen nor heard from a guy named Q of late?

Nick said...

You're right here Jahn, additional money needs to be directed toward poor families and not to the school system to see the results everyone's looking for.

Airport experts: any ideas on potential carriers for a weekly direct ORH-Norfolk flight?

Brendan Melican said...

Bill: If we follow the logic being used by the majority of the SC, just you asking these questions can only mean you have an ax to grind with Dr Boone; obviously not the case since you admit you have no idea what is going on. It's rather shameful that a simple request for information is met with such push back.

Jahn: Not that kind of 'served'. Since the SC voted not to further investigate the charge of 'testing irregularities' at Goddard, Committee women Novick and Biancheria filed a records request with the admin so they could do their own investigating. Strange times when elected officials are using journalist tools because their own administration refuses to tell them anything.

Jahn said...

Thanx, Nick but add'l money directed to poor families will not solve the problem(s) either. Much of what ails poor families are behavioral issues. All too often the add'l money goes to provide further funding for improper behavior(s).

Brendan Thanx for the clarification re: what happened requesting information from the school dept on Goddard-gate.

An airline for weekly friday flight????........Piedmont Airlines still around? Do they fly from the Piedmont area of Worc to the Piedmont area of the Mid Atlantic states?

Tracy Novick said...

Hey, Bill:
Sorry I didn't see this earlier. The only thing I'd add is I did receive my receipt that the state got our request. The ten days for some response ends next Wednesday.

Jahn said...

Tracy, OT but back here at teh ranch i was wondering about:

a. the number of snow days off

b. as of now what would be the end of the school year

c. given what I perceive as somewhat urgent, when will SC aDDRESS this issue, esp if we get more snow days off in the remaining 5 weeks of winter.

d. is April vacation on the chopping block as I dont want to hear the weeping & moaning studetns and teachers when its 91 degrees in late June.


mcabral said...

As an invested parent and educator, I really care about all these 'happenings". I have administrated countless MCAS exams, it does not take a rocket scientist to manage allowed accommodations for students with educational needs. The concern here is a culture of clandestine moves and deals. I am ashamed that our mayor and other esteemed members of our community thought that giving a standing ovation to a principal who has been admonished by governing bodies is an acceptable message for our children. Faculty throughout the city feel a disconnect between district policy from DAB and what is expected in the classroom. The reality is that Dr. Boone is NOT Ronald Reagan, she is not the great communicator... And frankly regardless of her ideas for the district she is completely unable to understand change management. This has left us as a community in a place of flux, and the students of Worcester are hostage to her inability to create change for ALL students ( including the ones in 01609). The reality is that our "outside the box" superintendent has and will cost tax payers in the city not just dollars but good will with the municipal powers that be... Our city's future is only as good as it's school district.

Tracy Novick said...

No problem. Currently end of school is June 23, as we've had seven snow days; as you probably know, we have to end by June 30, the end of the fiscal year. We haven't talked about it yet because we've still got five days left there (and this winter HAS to let up sometime, surely? Maybe the only remaining snow will fall over February vacation?).
I really think--though this is me--that it would be a last resort to cut vacations. It's far too complicated.