July 26, 2007

15 Coppage Drive

In light of the announcement that Union Station the Restaurant lets take another look at 15 Coppage Drive again. The other day I saw a demand notice in the paper for this property. Remember this is the property that had a 20 year lease renewed about one year ago by the Airport Commission for something like $200 per year.

One of the terms of the lease is that taxes must be current. As of today the taxes due are $238,165, but whose counting.


Anonymous said...

Did we not engage a private collection service to collect back taxes? Wonder if the council called off the tax pitbulls as re: Cooppage Dr.

BIll did we get a personal guarantee? Ditto for U.S. restaurant? IF WE didnt why not...........s/b standard business practice 101.

I am telling you wait till the city sees how much they do not collect this year in property taxes b/c people are walking away from soon to be foreclosed homes. The money will come eventually but it may not be in Fiscal year ended june '08

Bill Randell said...


It is truly scary how many foreclosures are out there. You are right this will kill tax collections.

Today I dropped my car off on Harrison Street and walked across downtown. Evidently the PIP had day trip to the Commons today?

I want the City to move forward but we need to get out of the landlord business whether it us 15 Coppage, Union Station, Green Hill Golf Course or the Airport--we need to vdivest ourselves of this and move on.

Anonymous said...

Bill, the cast of unsavory charcters that frequent the city hall area are a big part of the reason that downtown continually faulters. Women who are the shoppers will not even venture any where near teh area. Auburn & Solomon Pond & Framingham are where worcester shopping $ are going. Can you really blame teh shoppers? I hear theres a big event(s) on the common today which will probably fill it people....but a few nice summer afternooons on the common....does not a good downtown make.......cops will prob. prod the Pip'sters to move long for a few hours.

The PIP shelter s/b out in the NW part of Mass. on a farm and it s/b closed down when they exceed the occupancy limits.

Housing downtown will surely help....but it has to be market rate housing. But how do you build housing n business zoned areas when no use variances are allowed?

Anonymous said...

Jahn said...

"The PIP shelter s/b out in the NW part of Mass. on a farm and it s/b closed down when they exceed the occupancy limits."

What a brilliant idea!!! Put the PIP shelter someplace where it's not needed, and shut it down when it's needed most.

Anonymous said...

It s/b far away from the bad influences that seem to thrive in its immediate surroundings........that was my intent in getting out in rural America.

SO next January we'll fill it to over capacity and when it turns into the next coconut grove....the expalantion to the public will be exactly what?.......and the amt of insurance that they carry will be how much?..............and is there a cap on how much you can successfully sue a non profit for?.....so who gets sued instead.........the deep pockets of the city for knowingly allowing the over capacity situation to exist.

The place is basically an overloaded rooming house that would never, ever be tolerated, except that its the PIP.

ThrM said...

So fight for change!!! Express your ideas in a public forum! This blog is not going to change anything!!!!!

ThrM said...

Write a letter to the paper. Write a letter to a rep. Make a phone call to City Hall. Talk to friends and neighbors and make your opinions known. IDENTIFY yourself. You bloggers have valid points but your points are diluted b/c you prefer to remain anonymous!

Nobody can respond to what I'm saying? Situations abound in the city that SCREAM OUT for you to get involved, and you're all gonna let the opportunity to make a difference slip away b/c you don't want to be the first to step up and publicly state your opinions. What message does that give the younger generation? "Stay anonymous, kids. You can't change anything anyways." Nice. And yes, I don't know if some bloggers are active in the community, but, as I've said, this seems to be a poor forum for encouraging change on a grander scale.

Who's in charge at the PIP?

Anonymous said...

Mrs Haversham from Great Expectations

ThrM said...

Cute answer. Worcester would still slowly die, but at least she'd be laughing, if you were in charge.

Anonymous said...

Thomas , your a firefighter. You know the code as well as anyone else...."Stand alone and perish".

Mr Smith goes to Washington doesn't cut it in Worcester.

Anonymous said...

Don't know who you are anon, but you spoke volumes..

Of course Tom the firefighter knows the code.

outsiders not welcome here.