July 17, 2007

City Council Meeting Tonight

Here is a quick summary of information on the airport for tonight's City Council meeting:

  1. Master Plan should be released this summer.
  2. Who the one one responder to the RFP for the land parcels is still not revealed. A meeting with the one reponder has occured and the City is waiting for answers to some questions before a recommendation is made.
  3. IMG "continues to provide the city with analysis of potential carriers and the creation of specific marketing packages and strategies for these identified airlines." Who the airlines are and what it the status of any negotiations is not detailed.
  4. Nothing on negotiations with MassPort regarding the next deadline, January 1st, 2008


Anonymous said...

I don't see any of these items on the agenda. The only information I see is this request from the city manager:

I respectfully request the following transfers to balance the Fiscal Year 2007 budget

Fourteen Thousand Nine Hundred Seventy One Dollars and Sixty Five Cents ($14,971.65) from Passenger Facilities Charges to cover the deficit at the Worcester Regional Airport.

- CF

Bill Randell said...


There is a section called monthly report on economic development projects. It is about 12 pages long a details various projects around the City of Worcester. The information on the airport that I referred to is in that.



Anonymous said...

Why are we building a new high school that we clearly cannot afford?

Because we fail to maintain the schools that we own, we are now going to demo a school building that is only 30 something years old.....and we'll dump all the construction demo rubble exactly where? Ho hum..........Worcester The so called Green City....RIGHT!

Last I knew Clark Univ and Harvard Univ still house their operations in 150 and 200 yr old buildings and it clearly does not affect the quality of their education.

Not only are we building our city right into Bankruptcy we're not capable of efficiently & effectively executing major constr. projects. The site work contract has not even been awarded yet and the City thinks groundbreaking will be by late summer. I know there's a turndown in constr of late, but no site work company can mobilze that fast.

Anonymous said...

Jahn said...
"Why are we building a new high school that we clearly cannot afford?"

Because capital spending doesn't come out of the operating budget. It's monopoly money.

- CF

p.s. Shrewsbury only got 20 years out of their last high school.

Anonymous said...

Charlie, the sad fact is that b/c our rich Uncle from Boston picks up 70% of the cost of new schools (formerly 90%), we as city do not maintain our school buildings the way we should. The thinking is why care for it if uncle will substantailly pay for a new one.

Operating budget...vs... capital budget, it's taxpayer money.

If your rich uncle bought you 70% of a new car every 3 years, would you bother maintaining the car in the same fashion that you would if you had to ante up the money for a new car??

Why do you think the fire dept has tried (partly successfully?) to have their new fire stations paid for by the state...b/c it leaves the city with more money to use for employee compensation if they dont have to ante up the full monte for a new building.

It is absolute insanity......why should Beacon Hill pay any of Worc's bills or any other municipality's bills.

BTW, have they even put the new high school out to bid yet? If not it will be just like the never built Skybridge.......they'll gag when open they bids.

Also, speaking of bids....whats the big secret re: the airport bid that was opened when......Last April??