July 12, 2007

Stewart Update

Just a review. Stewart is the airport in Newburgh, New York that was privatized about 10 years ago when it leased the airport to National Express for 99 years. This private company has done a great job and now the Port Authority of New York is buying it back for big monies. Here is a very interesting story and how if a major "Port" Authority owns a local airport can make huge improvements both to the airport and infrastructure.

Rail link eyed for New York-area airport
NEWBURGH, N.Y., July 10 (UPI) -- New York may build a commuter rail stop at Stewart International Airport after the city's major airport operator takes it over, a state engineer said Tuesday. The state Department of Transportation has begun a study into the feasibility of constructing a link to Stewart, 55 miles north of New York City, from an existing suburban train station, Department of Transportation Chief Engineer Robert Dennison said.

This would give passengers an express train trip between the airport and the city or Newark Liberty International Airport, he said. Metro-North Commuter Railroad, which operates the rail line, has pushed for the link, which would involve buying property and building new tracks, Mid-Hudson News Network reported. The Port Authority of New York and New Jersey plans to take over the 2,400-acre airport in Newburgh, N.Y., in October to reduce congestion at Newark, LaGuardia and Kennedy International airports.

The takeover will also "prepare us for tremendous anticipated growth in air travel for years to come," Port Authority Chairman Anthony Coscia said. The Port Authority has budgeted $150 million for improvements, including additional parking and an international passenger terminal. Other plans include runway extensions, new taxiways, major cargo expansions and improved highway access.


Anonymous said...

T&G reports today that the WBDC (Worc Business Dev Corp) has rented space in the old School maintenace building on Shrewsbury St which was sold by the city to private interests. Any chance this tenant was part of the sale deal? Imagine company reps coming to the WBDC office to discuss locating in Worcester and upon arrival they have a hard time finding somewhere to park that is nearby the new WBDC offices. At least we're now sbuilding a garage Majhal at Union Station, unlesss the Merit Constr Alliance has their way ?

I'd be curious to know where the WBDC gets it funding from...the government possibly? If so, coldnt there have been some arm twisting to get this entity which is Soooooo keen on promoting Worcester to rent space in Union station as opposed to renting elsewhere, nearby Union Station.

I suppose It's a mere coincidence that also announced today was a private sector tenant for Union Station, just so no one would notice that the WBDC went elsewhere?

Again assuming WBDC gets its funding from the taxpayers, why could they not have rented at Union Station and given something back to the City? Am I missing something here?

Also WBDC s/b added to me list from a previous post of all the entities that are promoting Worcester. How many are there in total? 5 or 6 ?

Maybe each entity is like a product manager in private industry and each one pronotes a different product. One sells Union Station, one sells City Sq, one sells boitech park, one sells DCU center, one sells the airport, one sells conventions, one sells ????.....except a product manager gets thhe guillotine if he doesnt sell.

Bill Randell said...

WBDC in the old School Building.

Central Mass Regional Planning in Union Station.

Registry of Deeds (which looks unbelievable) into City Square.

Now all we need it some agency to move into the airport.gayfhkcc

Anonymous said...

airport commission minutes for June 2007 are available at the city website.

Anonymous said...

If Allegiant was still flying out of ORH and achieving 80% loads, Skybus would have DEFINITELY come to WOrcester.

Harry Tembenis
Worcester, MA