July 03, 2007

Water & Sewer Connections

This has nothing to do with the airport , but I know Jahn will want to know this. Effective July 1st the new fees to connect to the water and sewer has risen to 1320 per bedroom. Two years ago the fee was 660 and last year it was 990. In total a new three bedroom will cost 4,960 (3 bedrooms times 1320 plus 1000 for sewer).

We can, however, waive 100,000 in fees for a Performing Arts Center?


Anonymous said...

It was only 330 per bedroom just a few yrs ago. The city council also routinely waives this fee for non profits who are building new low income housing.......yet the same council is always weeping and moaning about non profits not paying their fair share.

I am telling you, I think some of these councillors are going to be shown the door next November elections. The hypocrisy plus the raise many of them voted for themselves may do some of them in.

If I started a new job last November, which job I strongly lobbied for, and then went to my boss(es) and told him I needed an 84% pay raise.......the boss would kick my +++ out the door. Of course the councillors say the job has not had a pay raise in 15(?) yrs........DUH !!.......then why in God's name did you seek out such a low paying job?

Bill Randell said...


Councilors will say things like "Economic Development", meanwhile the fees to connect a 3 bedroom house are almost 5,000. Please keep in mind that these are only the permit fees. Now add the cost of the contractor and maybe the need for a paid detail, you are talking over 10,000.

No offense to the MLK Blvd people but wouldn't the City Council and the tax-payers be served better hearing them discuss water and sewer connection increase then changing the name of a street?


Anonymous said...

Bill, check me on this, but the fee waiver for The Hand It Over Theartre was 198,000 total ( 100,000)....per The Millbury T&G??

Anonymous said...

Let's hope that ORH doesnt turn into the next Rodgers Memorial.

For the uninitiated, the Rodgers affair was a restoration project of a beautiful older marble (?) momument with copper (?) figures on it at teh corner of Park and Highland. I forget what it is supposed to memorialize. The base must be about 20' across by 8 ' ft tall or so.

Seems like the City and restoration contractor had issues with each other. Project started in 1987 and was just completed recently. Court delays and all...........20 years to bring this project to fruition.

OUCH ! I know gov't moves slowly..............but I mean.come on !

Would A suit of 10 taxpayers who are unhappy about handing off ORH to Massport for chump change cause a similar result?