August 06, 2007

Airport Privatization

Please read the attached story on privatization. The City of Worcester should not be in the train station business, the golf course or airport business. At the same time the City Administration should ensure the highest return on these tax-payer assets. Take a a few minutes and read this story, well worth it.

Still no word from Airport Liaison Niddrie on my request.


Anonymous said...

the link to article is not working ????

Bill Randell said...

sorry fixed it

Anonymous said...


Boston Herald story about the Boston Re- Authority selling off an interest in real estate.

Bill this privatization is an issue i agree with, but the odds of it happening Mass are slim to none. Public employee unions have a stranglehold on the political process. Take the Masspike as an example, where toll collectors total comp package is 3 to 4X what a Stop & Shop cashier makes. Pike tolls were slated to end in is now 2007...23 years later.....but hey.....who is counting LOL....

The Pacheco Bill mandates that no State tasks can be privatized unless there is at least a 10% if the taxpayers can only save 9% by privatizing......then it cannot be done......ASSININE ??? YUP!

sTATE LAW ALSO MANDATes these so called safety deatils at constr sites can only be done by police officer. More wasted taxpayer money.

State law says all firemen have to be municpal forget privatizing that,too. Whne one knows they cannot compete in real competive, merit based job market.....they run for political cover.

The city should also not be in the housing business. Like wise for the housing authority. Should the city even be in the swimming hole/pool business?

I am sure there are more examples

Anonymous said...

More Allegiant stuff...

Harry Tembenis
Worcester, MA