August 03, 2007

Route Analysis Reports

In the past I had asked to see the packages that are prepared for airlines to come to ORH that are prepared by our consultant, IMG. In the end I changed my mind, since I did not want to interfere with any pending negotiations or be blamed for losing a potential airlines. Some people disagreed with my decision, but everyone has the right to request this information on their own. For the record I have never seen these presentations.

Recently, however, I have asked for route analysis reports that have been prepared by our consultants. In fact I feel that these should be placed right on the City of Worcester Official Airport website so potential airlines can see them. Although it has been more then 10 days, I have yet to hear anything .


Anonymous said...


Why don't you ask for the route analysis and any other reports that were prepared to bring in Allegiant? They would have no reason to deny that request. At least it would give you an idea as to what they were doing with the grant mmoney.

Anonymous said...

Thats a great idea except the name of the airport game seems to be deny, delay, obfuscate, and CYA.