August 24, 2007


  1. No word from our airport liaison
  2. July and August Board Minutes still not on-line
  3. Status of negotiations with MassPort?
  4. ORH Master Plan?
  5. ORH not an issue in this election

Although we all have known that control of ORH will turned over to MassPort, via a long-term lease or sale. I am more convinced then ever that it will be done for pennies on the dollar. Good news is that ORH will become the airport that is should be, but the bad news is how much money will we have left on the table.

Bottom line is that we should have been doing a nationwide sale on ORH the past three years to ensure the highest possible return for the tax-payers. At his point, hemoragging money the way we are and the current City of Worcester financial condition, we are at the mercy of MassPort and whatever offer the make.

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Anonymous said...

It looks like Youngstown has started up a weekly online discussion board that at least seems to be getting people talking and exchanging ideas.

Worth a shot here perhaps?