August 21, 2007

Worcester-Metrowest-Boston Airport

Does anyone know that status of the ORH name change?


Anonymous said...

I do not know but it would seem to me the sooner they market a new and improved name for the airport...the sooner we might see some progress/excitement.

Worcester and the region need to jump on the new and exciting jobs of the future (biotech, etc.), and need to market to young people for the more affordable housing and improving (hopefully expanding) restaurant scene/nightlife. Worcester could be a real gem if they stopped dragging their feet...invested more in making the city more welcoming for visitors and recognized that Worcester is sitting in a better geographic location then most New England cities (including Boston). Could you imagine people enjoying a day walking in Worcester as they do in Boston? Perhaps something not unlike Fanuiel Hall on a smaller scale? I'm sure something that would attract people could be thought up.

I Moved to the region from Newburyport, MA a year ago. I want to see this beautiful part of the state grow and prosper. It could really be a destination if those in power put some effort into it. Aggressive tactics on the part of the city and regional leaders would flow more $$$ into projects that would make this area and Worcester a place people CHOOSE to visit and WISH to live.

I can understand Bill's frustrations when its clear as day to him that opprotunity is calling and no one is picking up. I share in that frustration.

If the foot dragging continues Worcester and the region will miss its chance to prosper. We may not get another and its the residents of the region and city who will suffer its consequences.

I'm trying to stay hopeful!


Bill Randell said...


Look on the bright side, we are overdue for a column from Bob Nemeth on the airport... Maybe he can write another story about how all the planning is setting up Worcester to take off (sorry for the pun on words).

Has anyone seen or heard from our Airport Director Eric Waldron???