August 09, 2007


Versus put the MassPort count-down back on the blog, I want to do a poll. THANKS YNG!!! Please leave comments for potential polls.


Anonymous said...

How about which will happen first, new air service at ORH or the wrecking ball's first contact with the Worcester Common Fashion Outlets?

Anonymous said...

Which will happen first:

A. PIP shelter get out Main South

B. city balances budget for '08

C. non profits make PILOT pymnts

D. positive cash flow at ORH (Layoffs)

E. Another Councillor cries on que

F. The Hand It Over Theatre goes the way of the Bijou Theatre.

G. My street gets re-paved

H. The citys sub prime mortgage bizz comes back to bite taxpyers.

I. '08 tax rate is set.