August 28, 2007

Two Posts Today

Today I received two posts, which I feel exemplify the blog itself. First, someone (anonymous-surprise) asked if I had received any information regarding my requests from the airport liaison. The answer is, and still is, no. In fact I sent an e-mail to our airport liaison Sunday night inquiring to:

  1. My public information request on the route analysis that have been done by the various consultants.
  2. The July minutes still are not posted
  3. Who was the one bidder on the parcel of land, some 4 months later
  4. Where is the Master Plan

The anonymous poster then accused me of deleting comments, so why should I be mad when my requests to our airport liaison are not honored?? Answer: The airport liaison is held to a different standard then me, it is called Massachusetts General Law (MGL)-- can you say Sunshine Week. There is no MGL that prohibits me from deleting any comments that I want to cancel since my blog is a private entity. Sorry, none of you saw this comment, I deleted it.

On the other end of the spectrum, I received a link to an article from Harry Tembenis. Harry, per usual great link. In the end, I am merely want to make ORH the airport that I know that it can be so that it can contribute to the City of Worcester's revenue stream, versus costing approximately $1,200,000 per year.

Anonymous posters, who I will continue to delete as I see fit, can accuse me of who knows what, but I feel the majority of people know nothing would make me happier then to be discussing a successful airport that contributes to the City of Worcester's bottom line, versus my continued unanswered questions.


Anonymous said...

Amen, Bill !!!!

Harry Tembenis
Worcester, MA

Anonymous said...

I second that!

Worcester is at a crossroads...take positive steps to improve its image, finances and viability as a major New Engand hub...or fade into the background as regions to the east and west grow and prosper (i.e. Chicopee area, metro west/ southeast mass, and southern NH).

The next 6 months will be HUGE for the future of Worcester and this region!

I truly hope the voices of Bill and Harry ring louder and louder!

Enjoy the long weekend!


Anonymous said...

Ever see carl merchant throw a hissy ain't pretty.

how the hell does he get away with it?