August 21, 2007

July Airport Board Minutes

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Anonymous said...

I just caught the tail end of a radio talk show..........830 is on there touting marketing tool.............never heaard of it??? the name might imply........assuming I heard correctly thsi isnt a very good website name to market Worc.....almost sounds like a dating website??? how many organizatiosn do we have marketing teh city now........101?? what cost and with what results??

Anonymous said...

Maybe they didn't meet in July

David Z. said...

In response to jahn, there was an article on in Tuesday's T&G. It is a website that was developed by two filmmakers, Andrea Ajemian and Kaz Gamble, who love Worcester and want to promote the city. I applaud their efforts.

Here is a link to the story -

Anonymous said...

Dave Z is correct in applauding their efforts.
In fact what better marketing for the airport. Film makers willing to promote a piece of Worcester at virtually no cost.
They could film all parts of the airport so buyers/investors can see what they are bidding on , interview all the tenants at the airport and allow them to tell prospective buyers why they want them to choose Worcester Airport.
This could be the catalyst the airport has been waiting for.

Bill Randell said...

I agree with Dave Z and John on this one. can only help Worcester.

Jahn only caught the tail end of the radio interview and assumed, incorrectly, that it was another one fo these marketing efforts that ends up costing alot of money, comes up with some "catchy slogan" and never produces any results.

Anonymous said...

Guys, I am from Missouri on thsi one. Let's get them up to the airport and then see the results. Am I correct in understanding that theses films are just short 'movie shots' that end up on the internet only? Isnt this basically what that YouTube website is, too??

wE ASLREADY HAVE basic ORH REPRESENTATION ON THE INTERNet altho w/o any movies........that said the website aint much to write home about has been mentioned on here before by others (Bill?)