August 23, 2007

Kudos to Mike Germain

Imagine someone actually talking about the fate of ORH. Check out the article: here is a part:

“If you watch one City Council meeting you realize right away that we have too many councilors,” Mr. Germain said. “Not only is it fiscally irresponsible to have the current number, it’s functionally impossible to get the needs of the city taken care of with so many people who have so many personal agendas.” Mr. Germain said Worcester Regional Airport has been a drain on the local government and, as a result, believes the city should pull out of the airport business. He said the travel needs of city residents are already being well taken care of by existing New England airports


Anonymous said...

Sounds good. Seems to me there's a perfect opportunity for the local filmmakers to get a business video package out to organizations willing and capable of turning the airport around.

Otherwise if Massport is a lock for taking over the airport...say so and be done with it .

Anonymous said...

I agree with parts of Mike's comments about the council and form of government, it doesn't make sense when you listen to the meeetings and they go around the council and talk about pools, street names and doesn't seem to move forward.

As far as the airport is concerned I beleive we need to give it to Massport and let them do what they can.

Anonymous said...

The problem w/ all politicians is that they will usually only tackle the issues that everyone is in favor of until their collective backs are to the wall..........then they act on the hard issues................witness recent retireee health ins..........took em 3 months to do what shoulda been done in 1 tuesday night meeting.

now they are screwing with 99$ fees for outta town coll. kids............sanctuaries for illegals......and meaningless resolutions re the iraq war........can u see the BOD of private companies putting assinine items like thsi on their agendas

meanwhile we have pressing issues like set tax rate, no balanced city SQ in limbo??.......ORH......8 yrs and counting trying to resolve this streets that have been carpet bombed........the list is endless.

prob is none of em (except lukes) can get elected w/o bowing at the altar of city union financial probs will only be solved at teh bargaining table.........good place to start is teh employee sick pay rathole...........millions every yr.....and not a word is said by any councillor about it........ever wonder why?..............any business men here who pay an average of 10 days sick pay to each of their 5000+ employeees and expect to be in business very long.........unfunded & underfunded pensions liabilities area nother HUGE FINancial abyss.

Anonymous said...

Wow!. Did you see the burst of activity of arrivals and departures yesterday on flightware.

With fuel prices dropping, let's hope this is a positive trend.

Anonymous said...

What's wrong with this picture?

I have recently noticed in the T&G legals large listings of sanitary and building code violations aimed at certain "appears" that the owners are banks who have taken over properties via foreclosure..........yet i turn to the next section of the T&G and I read about the facade that is falling off Nelson Place school........which has been a problem for at least 2 to 3 years.....ans somehow thsoe running for office imply it is an Assumption College problem that the facade on a city property is crumbling.....i.e. assumption should ante up to fix it......gimme a break

Then we also have:

1. Leaking airport roof

2. Leaking Doherty high roof

3. Leaking North High roof

4. DPW yard huge salt/sand storage sheds that are imploded

5. Auditorium....all kinds violations

6. boarded up control tower at airport

7. And then there is the issue of neighborhood streets that are paved, yet completely crumbling & collapsed.

I guess the city is exempt from the standards of safety and livability that they are charged with enforcing.......double standards or indifference??.....wait till one of those salt barns collapses on a city workers and crushes em

Anonymous said...

Facade of main library addition is also leaking