May 06, 2008

Allegiant 1st Qtr Results

From Duluth News Tribune

Despite rising fuel prices, Allegiant Travel Co., parent company of Allegiant Air and Allegiant Vacations, posted $9.7 million in earnings during the first quarter of 2008, nearly matching its performance for the same period during the previous year.

With shrinking margins, Allegiant achieved this feat only by dramatically boosting its revenue 58 percent, from $84.3 million during the first quarter of 2007 to $133.1 million during the first three months of this year. “Our focus on achieving higher loads was successful — our scheduled system had the highest domestic load factor in the industry at 86.9 percent, a 4.4 percentage point increase from the first quarter of 2007,” Maurice J. Gallagher Jr., Allegiant’s chairman, CEO and president, said in a statement.

Based in Las Vegas, Allegiant operates a fleet of 37 jets on 103 routes. Its service includes twice-weekly direct round-trip flights between Duluth and Las Vegas.


Anonymous said...

After reading about the unfriendly environment on this blog , I'm beginning to think Allegiant may have left a great market base (IMO), to avoid the BS.

In this case "Money walked...and BS is still talking"

My two cents (after inflation)

Anonymous said...

you gotta be kiddin' us...I'd love to know what biz you are in???? I guess Fidelity went to Providence instead of even peeking at WormTown cause of me and Jahn:>)

My $0.09 after the rent check bounced again this month from tenant #4

Bill Randell said...


You think Allegiant left because of this blog???

First, we targeted Allegiant way before they showed up here and touted their arrival.

Second, we objected to the charging for parking. In fact we thought that FREE Parking should be used as a drawing feature to support Allegiant.

Third, I can not believe we are sitting on $300,000 of DOT grant monies that could have been spent on Allegiant.

Fourth, the departure of Allegiant was not cheered by anyone on this blog. We all knew this was a huge blow.

Fifth, they are a great airline and for the 1003rd time we blew a huge opportunity losing Allegiant.

Lastly, what is unfriendly about the blog?


Anonymous said...

Rick Pitino should sue 'My two cents (after inflation)' for stealing his "The negativity in this town sucks..." schpiel...

Anonymous said...

I meant to say "After reading about the unfriendly environment THAT EXISTS AT THE AIRPORT on this blog"

My two cents (after inflation)

Bill Randell said...

Oh, my $25,000 Paul Pierce fine has been revoked against anonymous (my two cents after inflation)

Anonymous said...

Bill Randell said...

You think Allegiant left because of this blog??? "

I wonder it other airlines read this blog while analysing possible ORH routes.

Anonymous said...

I think any smart business person or folkie looking for a place to live takes advantage of all available information to make a decision..

And of the subject of being own personal opinion for the $0.03 it is that it is best that some of us are sticking arounbd to complain and trying to be part of the solution//

My business is Somerville/Cambridge/Boston based and I can't tell you how many former Worcester homies live elsewhere now and they nevah told anyone they were leaving..

I was with Wild Will for an hour meeting yesterday with others who care ovah how our business group can dole out thousands of dollars for local business facades and money for summer youth employment programs at our area parks..

Again..I personally am a rah raher-nature of my promotion business..just a reality based one

Bill Randell said...

Anonymous (not my two cents):

If I was an airline considering Worcester, I would definately look at this blog. Upon reviewing the blog I would know that there would be some negative people and comments especially when the underlying airport had no passengers.

What would concern me was that nobody from the airport (tenants or mgmt), nobody from the city administration/city council,the FBO, none of the consultants, etc make any comments on the blog..

This would send a message to me, if I was an airline looking at ORH.